ChampCash Review | Is ChampCash legit? Can You Earn Real Money from it?

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This might be my first time directly hearing that we can be millionaire by performing some east tasks online. Tasks like taking surveys, completing paid offers like downloading apps or watching advertisements etc.

Recently I came to read about an Indian made app named “Champcash” which claims; we can become billionaire by doing some simple paid tasks. I was curious to know how? Well even I would like to enjoy the feeling of being a millionaire.

I started my research and I am gonna brief you for the same in this post. Let’s cover up almost all the details on this suspicious app Champcash and find whether it is a legit one or just a waste of time.

Champcash Overview

FounderMahesh Verma
Founded on2014
Payout methodsPayPal, bank account and gift cards
Minimum withdrawal$10
Payout processing time1 to 3 weeks
HeadquarterHaryana, India
Website (Expired)

What is Champcash?

To put it simply, it is an MLM platform where you get to earn by joining people. The main job here is just making others join. Champcash is operating from West Bengal; an eastern state of India. The platform works in four simple tasks which is addressed down below. Yes, I did mention it as simple but Guys, simple things sometimes turn to be risky. At the end of this review I would have mentioned why and how?

  1. Registering yourself on the application The first step includes downloading of the app. You can visit the official site of Champcash or you can also directly download it from various 3rd part sites. After downloading, you have to register yourself by providing simple details like name, email, age etc. and the most important – joining code.

This joining code is compulsory for your successful registration or you can say- compulsory for moving to the second step. You can obtain this code either by a pre-user of Champcash or you can directly write to Champcash for a code using their contact details on their webpage.

  1. Completing a Challenge
    This step forces you to download some recommended apps before your become you join Champcash as a user. This feels weird but this is how Champcash earn. They earn from the advertisers.
    These apps are 3rd party apps, Champcash doesn’t take responsibility of mishap which could take place from these apps. This is a matter of being cautious Guys. Right now, there are so many unknown apps which are hazardous for our device and for us too, since there can be any breach of data too.
  2. Making referrals
    Since the platform is MLM kind, this is not something to wonder about. You need to invite new users to earn and make a chain system. For every single invite you earn 50% commission while an indirect invite also shares some commission in your account.
    This whole chain system is categorized in 7 levels.

Level 1 – 50% commission
Level 2-5- 10% commission
Level 6-7- 5% commission

Level 1 means, your direct invite whereas above level 1 is the indirect joining. Since this chain can accompany you to level 7, Champcash does show potential of making money. Well still, it’s too early to conclude such answer…

  1. Complete micro tasks
    After completing step 3, you get the access to main dashboard where you can see some daily tasks. These tasks are simple and easy to perform with not much of a hassle. Paid surveys, clicking ads, watching videos etc. are some common micro tasks you can expect in this last step. This tasks rewards you with some amount, don’t expect more since these tasks comes under micro category.

ChampCash Security Overview

  • Personal data collected for registration: Full Name, E-mail address, Password, State, Date of Birth, Mobile Number and Bank Account Number
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Data encryption: Yes

ChampCash requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 or older.
  • Supported Countries: Must be Indian resident.
  • Skill requirements: No special skills required.

How Do I Withdraw From the ChampCash App?

This particular company has 3 main methods as of now. Paypal withdraw, mobile credits (recharge and all) and gift cards of Flipkart and Amazon.

Well if you notice closely, you are getting the option of Paypal withdraw which is kind of a good option. Now, let’s account Champcash for its worthiness.

Is Champcash good for earning?

Well, for what I can say is that, the platform seems to be kind of suspicious while their procedure of joining is also very long and irritating. If you are looking for a good way of earning some passive income I would suggest you to go for GPT types. Since they are legit and pays well for every task. Bringing and joining new members are very hard and complicated.

How much money you can earn from Champcash?

Champcash does make it look like you can earn with good potential but its words doesn’t marks to the result I guess. Also the bold claim of billionaire statement is exaggerated. I have attached an image to show you an example.

The chart does look alluring till the last line but think but it. The whole game of earning here is the referral program which is way too hard. Adding to it is the bulgy procedure of completing the joining process which doesn’t seems to be safe and sound at the same time.

Is Champcash safe?

Well in my opinion it’s not. If you look closely at the reviews and users comments, which straightly points for its downside. Also when I visited the official platform, the platform build was unfriendly and the details that is provided on the site and their privacy of using also contains some odd points. Overall one should stay away from joining such MLM platform.

Champcash pros and cons


  • No joining fee.
  • Many payout methods are available.


  • False promise of quick money.
  • low Earning.
  • Pyramid scheme.

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Reviews of some Champcash users

Positive reviews of some Champcash users

Neha kalara 4/5

Champcash is great for earning if you have a good network of friends and family members because Champcash follows the MLM business model, where you recruit more people and make them install apps.

Tanaya tano 5/5

I am earning good passive income from the ChampCash app. I started with ChampCash two years ago. Within 2 years, I have created a network of more than 500 downlines.

Deepak Singh 4/5

Champcash is not a scam. It is legal, but don’t think that you are going to become a millionaire with ChampCash. You just might be earning a little passive income.

Negative reviews of some Champcash users

Motham Rao 1/5

This is a scam. Don’t fall into it. I have been waiting for my payment for the last three months. Though I tried to contact customer support, still no response.

Pritam Chakraborty 1/5

complete waste of time. You are not going to get any money from ChampCash. They only make you download third-party apps.

Amrit Kumar 1/5

Don’t fall into this trap.


Overall the whole platform is based on MLM, the part where you get access to complete some micro tasks is kind of formality. You invite people and these people proceeds with the whole procedure of joining.
They also download a bunch of useless apps. These apps are also unsafe and causes overheat and bugging to the devise. The earning potential is also dependent on the whole invitation scheme which holds low potential of successful invitation.
I personally would recommend you to go for other types of online earning ways since this kind of platform is just a waste of time.