Qnet Review | Is Qnet a fraud company? Does Qnet make fake promises?

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Today’s post is introduction to a MLM company “Qnet”. Is the company a good business for you to make some passive income, how does this work, how you can work with this, how much you can earn, are they safe?  We are going to answers these questions in this particular post while bringing you the real answer… let’s start and make sure to read the conclusion part which is a straightforward answer to these questions.

Qnet company overview

FoundersVijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark
HeadquarterHong Kong
Investment required Yes
Available Countries25+
SocialFacebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram |
Support[email protected]
Earning Application Rating 2.8/5
Mouthshut Rating 3/5
Trustpilot Rating 4.8/5

What is Qnet?

It is formally known as QuestNet or GoldQuest, a Hong-Kong Based MLM company owned by QI Group. The company was founded in late 1998 with an aim to sell their products like energy drinks, nutritional supplements, weight management products and other home care products by using an e-commerce platform. Later on their products grew up and now they are selling personal use products as well. Qnet has introduced a business plan to make work of Independent Representatives for growing themselves. I am going to mention their business plan down below.

Overall the company operates in many regions of the world, in some regions it has low grades, which is a matter of consideration.

Is Qnet a legit company?

Well, during my research, the company has acquired many negative comments including one stating it as a “Ponzi Scheme”. It’s a kind of scheme where the company uses recent funds gained by recent investors to pay profit to old investors. This is totally treated as a fraud and has serious punishment for the same.

Qnet was banned in India after a protest in Bangalore. The protest came into play when Qnet started cheating its users and at last TRAI had to take strict actions for the same.

As for the other regions, it is still working. We can consider it as a legal business due to this working.

How can you make money through Qnet?

As stated above, it has made an e-commerce platform to sell its products. These products includes the categories of Personal care, nutrition supplements, weight management pills and Home care.

Recently it has introduced many other categories as well to aim for new youth.

In brief, you are going to earn commission through introduction or selling of their products. Let’s take a look at their business model.

Every new customer has to become an “Independent Representative” of the company to start its journey of making money out of it. To become an Independent Representative you need to buy a starter kit of $10. This kit includes whole procedure about how this business works. Every Independent Representative becomes eligible to get $250 as a commission after they successfully introduce products to 6 people.

In my recent post about NHT Global, a team was necessary before you start earning commission. The same thing happens with Qnet. When Independent Representative introduces 6 people to the products, he forms an entity and when whole set of this 7 people start selling company’s products, they earn some commission through it.

You can also earn bonus when you introduces other as an Independent Representative to the company. This can be treated as refer and earn also.

Qnet Products

Although company has introduced many categories and products as of present but I am going to take some common categories to make you understand. I have briefed some of down below.


Everyone wants a well maintained body to stay strong. To make this come possible, Qnet has products that helps in enhancing your digestive system and protect you from harmful bacteria’s and all. Since most of the chronic disease growth takes place from our stomach, getting a strong digestive system makes it easier to fight such harmful microbes and all.

The Company has also introduced dietary supplements that will help in preventing aging while maintaining a vibrant life.

list of Qnet health products

  • Olé
  • Q Alive
  • Qafé
  • EDG3
  • Belite


To get us a great comfortable life, Qnet has many products in this category. The company has introduced a wide range of wellness products.

list of Qnet wellness products

  • Amezcua Chi Pendant 4
  • Amezcua Bio Disc 3
  • Amezcua Bio Light 3
  • Amezcua E-Guard

Personal Care

Since the heading has personal word in it, you can definitely predict what kind of products this particular category has for you. Qnet believes that they has wonderful products especially in this category. Products like Face masks, Body lotion, Cream, Serum, moisturizers and other related stuffs are also in line-up.

This particular category is widely famous and most of the retailers sell their products particularly in this category.

list of Qnet personal care products

  • Physio Radiance Visage+
  • Physio Radiance Visage+ Gel
  • Boosting essence
  • Firming and lifting double serum
  • Repare eye cream
  • Restoring day cream
  • Regenerating night cream
  • Dirt Fighter
  • ProSpark Enhanced
  • Biosilver

Other Products

Qnet also started marketing in Jewelry stuffs that includes gold coins and silver coins. Other products of the company includes travel and tourism products for what the company claims that it has way attractive offers than others.

How is the quality of QNET products?

The company sells many unbranded products with the branded one, which leads higher profit but when you compare the quality of the product with its price, you will definitely be disappointed. I noticed many abusive rebukes towards its products. The price is also a major reason of disappointment. The company also doesn’t offer return policy so that you can ask for refund. This can be treated as a major issue for the same.

Is Qnet business plan a Pyramid scheme?

Yes it is a pyramid scheme where you earn through joining members. Many countries have made controversies over its existence and due to this many Independent Representatives have been punished and the company has faced litigation.

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Is Qnet worth it?

In my opinion, one should consider all possibilities before choosing a business or earning methods. The company has almost acquired many negativity which can lead it to the door of death. Since many countries has banned this platform, it means the company is operating in a hazardous manner.

In my opinion, I will directly prohibit you from using this platform if you are here looking for a way to earn passive income.

Reasons not to Join Qnet

  • Initial investment required.
  • There are several criminal proceedings going on against QNet.
  • Products are overpriced.
  • Product quality is average.

Reasons to Join Qnet

  • It gives you the opportunity to earn passive income.
  • Develop interpersonal skills.
  • QNet has been in operation for many years.
  • No earnings restrictions.
  • Low capital investment required.

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Some Qnet users review

Some positive reviews

Prajapati Kumar 5/5

I have been a Qnet distributor for the last 11 months. Today, I’m currently doing well financially because of this business. People who told me that Qnet was a scam still own Maruti while I own a BMW thanks to this company.

Shalini rao 4/5

I consider myself blessed to have been given this opportunity during the most difficult time of my life. Qnet has completely changed my life. 

Nikita hja 5/5

My family uses almost every Qnet product, and the quality of these products is premium-level. And the best thing about Qnet is that it also provides business opportunities. I have been doing business with Qnet for the last 2 years. Because of Qnet, my income is now more than any engineer or doctor.

Some negative reviews

Harsh Patel 1/5

Like ebiz, Qnet company will also be exposed very soon.

Gaurav singh 2/5

I am in debt because of this Qnet company. These guys from Qnet promise you a fake lifestyle and luxury. My visitor told me that he had a BMW car. But few days back, I saw him on a bus. He was arguing with the bus conductor over five rupees.

Raman Raj 1/5

My friend told me Qnet was a business before joining, but after joining, he says it’s a chain system where you have to add people to get your commission. What the Qnet agent tells you before joining and what you get after joining is not even 1%.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

Seriously while researching and collecting information on Qnet, I only came to face abusive hatred of users. The company is a fraud since only higher ones are gaining profit while middle ones are just trying to tolerate. It has been banned in many countries which brings transparency of its fraudness.

Be alert guys and never get caught it such pyramid schemes. They not only destroys your hope of earning but also destroys you mentally. And if so, you won’t be able to trust other means of earnings.

Don’t worry I have covered you. If you ask me for best advice, then Guys stick to other ways of making money which won’t cost you instead will make you money from the very start. Read out my other posts and I am sure one or more ways are waiting for you.

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