NHT Global Review | Is NHT Global a fraud company? Does NHT Global make fake promises?

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Today’s post is introduction to a MLM company “NHT Global”. Is the company a good business for you to make some passive income, how does this work, how you can work with NHT Global, how much you can earn, are they safe, how to withdraw your earnings? we are going to answers these questions in this particular post while bringing you the real fact… let’s start.

NHT Global overview

Legal nameNht Global Corporate
Membership fee$75
Parent company Natural Health Trends Corporation
HeadquarterNHT Global’s headquarters are in 609 Deep Valley Dr Ste 395, Rolling Hills Estates, California, 90274, United States
SocialFacebook | Instagram | YouTube
Support[email protected]
Earning Application Rating 3/5

What is NHT Global?

NHT Global is an MLM company that was first spotted in 2001 in California. NHT Global offers its users to earn commission on their health, wellness and other nutritional supplements products. The platform offers retailing the products directly to customers and earn commission while you can also earn by referring new members to the platform. 

I have described the whole aspect down below, how this commission earning works. But does this business a legit one? Let’s move to other main questions.

Is NHT Global legit?

The whole business of NHT Global is real and not a scam. It has a good reputation with fair compensation plan for its subscribers. As stated above the company was spotted in 2001 and has been active till now. The company has acquired a good growth over the time while also fullfilled its users with a decent earning opportunity. 

How do you make money with NHT global?

The platform offers earning through retail sales, referring new members and working as a team. Let’s breakdown these three ways of compensation plan offered by NHT Global.

To get started, first and the foremost thing one need to do is to buy NHT Global membership. This membership is valid only for a month, so you need to renew it every month for being a part of the commission earning program. I am not mentioning the subscription fee since it is changeable, it will be best if you check directly on the official website. 

After buying the subscription, you need to sponsor two sellers as your downline, which will help in work as team and sell the products more easily. Of course you are going to get some percentage form these two sponsor. The Company supports four affiliate ranks to describe the whole profit you are gonna make.

Bronze Rank

This status requires 90PV worth of products in a single order which can be bought itself by the seller. You get to earn 3% of total sales as level 1 seller.


This particular status requires 250PV worth of products to count you on. You get to earn 5% of total sales as level 1 and 3% as level 3 seller.


Signing up with a Business Builder’s pack will directly promote you to this status while you can also acquire this particular rank by accumulating 1250PV. You get to earn 10% of your total sales as level 1 seller.

As mentioned, each rank will get you to earn some percentage on the total amount of sale you have accumulated over the month. Since you are going to work as a team, the particular criteria won’t be too difficult to surpass. Once you grow to Gold Rank, you are going to earn a wholesome salary without any particular Job. 

 I hope you understand the whole concept of this commission plan introduced by NHT Global. 

How much you can make from NHT Global?

MLM sites always have a long journey before you become eligible to earn a well wholesome salary amounting of $300-$400 in a month. You need to rank up fast to earn such income. This requires a good devotion and determination in selling the products. On an average basis, if you have the courage to introduce the product with its popping good side, you can definitely make around 100$ easily.   

NHT Global Products

They mainly have products devoted in the categories to wellness, lifestyle and personal care. The company has been kept working on the improvement of their products, which has made company grow at a wonderful rate. Let’s have a brief on each category mentioned above.


Everyone wants a well maintained body to stay strong. To make this come possible, NHT Global has products that helps in enhancing your digestive system and protect you from harmful bacteria’s and all. Since most of the chronic disease growth takes place from our stomach, getting a strong digestive system makes it easier to fight such harmful microbes and all. 

The Company has also introduced dietary supplements that will help in preventing aging while maintaining a vibrant life. 

list of NHT Global wellness products

  • Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Premium Noni Juice
  • ReStor Silver
  • Triotein
  • FibeRich


To get us a great comfortable life, NHT Global has many products in this category. The company has introduced a wide range of oxidants that helps in getting rid of free radicals form your body. This category also has products that are used in day to day lifestyle for example “Alura Lux” which is a vaginal lubrication for women. 

list of NHT Global lifestyle products

  • Lavie +
  • TwinSlim Probiotics
  • Alura Lux

Personal Care

Since the heading has personal word in it, you can definitely predict what kind of products this particular category has for you. NHT Global believes that they has wonderful products especially in this category. Products like Face masks, Body lotion, Cream, Serum, moisturizers and other related stuffs are well developed by NHT Global. 

This particular category is widely famous and most of the retailers sell their products particularly in this category.

list of NHT Global personal care products

  • Skindulgence Probiotic Ampoule
  • Color Awakening Lipstick
  • Adamas Brightening Series
  • BioCell SC
  • Botanical Hand Protector
  • Skindulgence 30 Minute Firming System

Is NHT Global compensation plan a pyramid scheme?

Well, the plan does seems to such kind but no it’s not a pyramid scheme. The compensation plan has ranking system, which makes this different from Pyramid Schemes.

NHT Global Pros and Cons


  • Since 2001
  • Diversified products
  • Good customer support


  • Investment required
  • Overpriced product
  • Achieving a higher income is difficult

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Some NHT Global users review

Some negative reviews

Bincy John 1/5

I have been in the NHT Global business for the last year and am still not able to make a profit. I feel bad when I think about my downline, who joined this believing in me.

Saji mimi 1/5

Join NHT Global only when you want to lose your money. This is a scam. NHT Global products are expensive and of poor quality. Never put anyone’s life at risk by recommending NHT Global products.

Alni mon 2/5

I would advise everyone to spend their time and money on activities that will help them advance in their career instead of wasting it on companies like NHT Global.

Some positive reviews

Rakshit 5/5

I don’t know why there are so many negative reviews about this company. I have been a member of this company for the last 7 years. I never faced any problems. Today, I am able to fulfil my dreams because of this company. I hate it when someone makes a negative comment about a company without knowing it.

Steve boil 4/5

This company completely changed my life. I used to walk 5 km because I didn’t have money for a bus, but today I have a BMW car, a big house, and people who used to tell me that I was wasting my time with this company are now urging me to join it.

Albert albi 5/5

Thanks to this company, I have more time for myself. I work for myself instead of working for others and making them rich.

Conclusion and Final Verdict

Overall, if you pay attention to the process of making money, it is kind of complex. I mean you need to work as a team while taking in consideration of ranking system. I myself didn’t like the idea of paying first for buying their subscription then we need to buy products of 90PV to become eligible for earning.

If you notice, in the end NHT Global has made everything in their own favor without any compromise. If you buy their package and you fails to become a seller in that particular month, you are just going to get aggressive towards them.

Not only this but if somehow the products you sold are not that good, you are going to lose your customer. This makes it a risky deal.

If you ask me for best advice, then Guys stick to other ways of making money which won’t cost you instead will make you money from the very start.

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