InboxPounds Review | Is InboxPounds legit? Can You Earn Money from it?

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Today we are going to review a GPT site named as ‘InboxPounds’. Guys, I believe you might have heard a similar site to this one. Try to recall, if you can’t then just make sure to read this post’s conclusion part. Let’s just roll over to InboxPounds and start reviewing it. 

InboxPounds overview

FounderDaren Cotter
Founded in2000
Refer and Earn Get 10% of the earnings of the person you referred
Minimum Withdrawal amount£20
Payout methodsPayPal and gift cards
Payout processing timeUp to two weeks
Signup bonus £1
SocialFacebook | Twitter
Earning Application Rating4/5
Trustpilot Rating4/5

What is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is a GPT site which pays you for completing tasks and all. This site is only available for the people living in the region of UK. This is the biggest short-coming of this platform that’s what I believe. The platform has literally 5 different tasks and each task has different payment. Depends on your devotion and task you choose. The site is 100% legit and has successfully paid to many users in the UK region. 

InboxPounds Security Overview

  • Personal data collected: Email, Name, residential address, Paypal account email, birth, gender, education level, household income, job title, work industry and telephone numbers.
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Third-Party Data Sharing: Yes
  • Privacy policyRead
  • Terms And ConditionsRead
  • Data encryption: Yes

InboxPounds requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Available country: Only for United Kingdom resident’s
  • Skill requirements: No special skill required

Ways to earn from InboxPounds?

Taking Surveys

This is what they aimed for in the start. By offering surveys after collaborating with different

Researching companies and all. When you successfully sign in, you enter your dashboard where you can switch to earn tab, there you get different surveys providers with a brief description about them. Choose which seems to be of your taste or type and go for it. Some of the surveys are not too long while some are long with great rewards. 

Since InboxPounds has collaborated with lots of surveys providers, it becomes easy for the users to earn daily without waiting for weeks to get these surveys unlike some other surveys sites. Comparing the rewards with other sites, InboxPounds offers more form others. You can usually choose the surveys on the base of time it is going to consume with the amount you are going to earn on successfully completion.

One more thing to add is the qualification of the surveys, one must be eligible for the specific surveys. To make it in simple words- a user only get surveys which he/she can complete. Some of the listed surveys are common while some are not. But, don’t worry guys InboxPounds has a little something to gift to you if you are not eligible for survey. It has this spin & win thing which makes sure you get some bucks out of it.

Using search engine

InboxPounds pays you for using their search engine. You earn every time you make 4 natural search and not for the sake of earning only. It means your searches must be as natural as you use any other search engine. It might not be favorable while browsing but most of the time you are going to get what you are searching for. But against Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck go… and some various great search engine InboxPound’s search engine is going to be a little disappointment. Well we should not compare it, seriously since InboxPounds is gonna make you some bucks while others can’t.

Cash offers

Most GPT sites have this wall. But when it comes to InboxPounds this is something new and promising way to attract users, well you can earn more when you complete some tasks like content discovery, trying some recommended applications, some jobs and much more. Specially, this offer wall will definitely amuse you since it’s far more different. 

There are some offers which includes betting and all, so be little sane while doing so. Don’t let your hard earned money go in vain. 

Paid-mails reading

Least but not the last, this method requires you to read some Paid mails. You don’t need to be honest while reading every single word of the mail.. but make sure to open the tab of mails for a good time. So that it seems like you have read the whole thing. 

Refer and Earn

InboxPounds pays you for every successful invitation you make. Not only a bonus but you get to earn their 10% of total earning. This 10% aggregate is not a part of your friends earning but this is provided by InboxPounds as a thanking gift for making others join too.  

How to withdraw money from InboxPounds?

InboxPounds supports many ways to withdraw your earnings. You can use Paypal to withdraw directly to your account or you can buy Amazon gift cards and many other gifts cards of different brands. You can also receive e-payment of Master-Card. Since InboxPounds offers such ease ways, there is a shortcoming to it, for your withdraw you require minimum threshold of £20, which seems to be reasonably high threshold.

Is InboxPounds legit ?

InboxPounds provides an excellent opportunity to earn money. InboxPounds are legit and safe to use. But keep in mind that InboxPounds won’t make you wealthy.

Is InboxPounds worth it?

As I have mentioned this in many of the articles that, you aren’t going to become rich using these ways to earn, it’s just a good way to earn some extra bucks on the go when you are free.

Using InboxPounds, if you just use your spare time – you can easily make £10 to £20 in a whole month and not more than that unless you are devoting more of your time in it.

InboxPounds rather provides you a number of options on its platform to ease your earnings and if we consider some good alternatives of it then I would love to lighten you that InboxPounds will be much more productive to you.  

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InboxPounds Pros and Cons


  • High payout threshold.
  • Only UK residents are eligible.
  • Payout processing can take up to 2 weeks.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Sign-up bonus of £1.
  • Joining is completely free.
  • It offers numerous ways to earn money.

Some InboxPounds users review

Some negative reviews

Albin Philip 2/5

I have completed more than 20 surveys. I got paid for only 4 out of these. They make you fill out surveys, then say you are not eligible for this survey.

Imalukate John 1/5

I requested my 30 pounds Amazon reward a month ago but have not yet received it.

Sofia thomas 1/5

I am unable to link my PayPal account. Every time I try, there is some sort of error. Regarding this problem, I emailed customer service, but they have not responded. Before signing up for InboxPound, be aware that you won’t receive any customer support.

Some positive reviews

Ajees Mathew 4/5

If you live in the United Kingdom, then I recommend using InboxPound to earn money by taking surveys. Compared to other similar websites, Inboxpound is the best.

Anju Wat 5/5

I have been using this website for the last few months. Till now, I have never faced any issues. I recommend this to everyone.

Stephen ball 4/5

It’s worth it to give it a try. As a student, I earn more than 100 pounds per month from this website.

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Literally if you are a citizen in UK, this GPT site is going to be a broad way for you to earn due to its tasks and different ways to make money. The only biggest short-coming of this GPT site is the availability. Only opening for UK citizen is something disappointing for other users living in belonging to different region. 

About the answer of the above recalling one is InboxDollars, I have already wrote a proper post regarding it. Isn’t the name confusing….lol. Well, Guys you can consider InboxDollars as an alternative of InboxPounds since it is available in many regions and offers a similar platform to earn.

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