Modicare Reviews | Is Modicare a fraud company? Does Modicare make fake promises?

Today we have an MLM company review famous for its trustworthy existence names as Modicare. It is an Indian Brand famous for development of various skin related products and various health related products. The company also has great incentives for you all to earn. Let’s start with our post and find out whether this company is genuine or fake.

Modicare Overview

FounderSamir Modi
AddressModicare Limited 5, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Pin – 110025
Contact[email protected]
Social Youtube | Instagram | Facebook
Earning Application Rating3/5
Mouthshut Rating 2.9/6

What is Modicare?

Modicare is pretty old competitor in network marketing industries, which is a trustworthy thing to note. The company started around 1996 with an aim to provide best in class beauty and daily need products which were developed by 100% natural substances. Later on the company started selling its products by giving opportunities to earn a commission based percentage which boosted the company’s growth. At present company has induced so many products in categories like Skin care, Wellness, Personal care, Home care and more. Overall the company is trying best in featuring itself in most of our daily needs product.

How to work with Modicare?

Joining Modicare is simple as signing up, just need some basic details and you are done.

Step 1: Go to Official website

Step 2: Click on Join Modicare.

Step 3: Click on Become a Consultant.

Step 4: You should have Sponsor MCA no. which you can get from random consultant.

Step 5: Enter some basic personal details.

Step 6: Complete KYC with documents.

Step 7: Enter your Bank details for withdrawing or buying products.

These seven steps should do- for becoming eligible to earn from Modicare.

Is Modicare a legal company?

Yes, it is legit business and they have license for the same. But in 2018, a war had started between Direct selling companies and E-Commerce entities. Modicare products have been approved by FDA in US while in Europe and Russia they have passed Toxicological trials which is must in case of Daily essentials.

Overall the company has successfully maintained a proper environment, so as not to get in troubles that will rise and will become a burden to them.

How to earn from Modicare

Modicare provides mainly two ways of earning.

Commission Earning

This is simple to understand. After you become a member of Modicare which requires simple signing up on their Official Website, you become eligible for earning commission on each and every product you sell by sharing it directly. The products will have a commission added for you which will be credited to your Modicare account. The commission percentage differs on product to product but one can expect around 5-10% of commission, which is not bad.

If you are a social personality with lots of followers, it becomes much easier to sell products, after all the company has a variety of products.

Referring and Joining

This is the second way to boost your earning, it’s like a chain system, you refer Modicare to your friends and mates and on every successful sign up through your link, you get some bonus. Note that, only signing up will not trigger your bonus, the joining person needs to sell at least one product of Modicare.

Other ways to earn are Monthly Bonus which is based on your monthly performance and the other one is Growth Incentives.

How much you can earn from modicare?

Earning potential directly depends of your skills of lure. If you have that marketing talent – you can earn a lot of commission. Also, this commission depends upon your position. Modicare have a position based system – the higher your post in the system, the merrier you earn.

If you have just started don’t panic with low income. Struggle and hard work is the main key here. If you survived and acquires a higher post, you are going to easily earn around 50K per month. Although it takes 5-7 years for the same.

How to withdraw your earnings from modicare?

During sign up process, you require to put bank details which is necessary for successful withdrawing of your earnings. Also, you can only withdraw when your KYC is properly processed. You can withdraw once a month and there is no limit to that. The withdrawal process takes around 3-4 working days to process your earnings to your bank account.

Who should join Modicare?

If you are searching for ways to make money, then Modicare is providing a great opportunity to you. But remember you need to have patience while growing up. At the same time due to expensive price tag and average quality, it might become difficult to sell their products. May consider some flaws before you become a consultant on Modicare. Earning from MLM companies are not that easy.

Quality of Modicare Products

Already mentioned, the company has invested big over the time and has jumped into various categories of daily essentials. Coming to the quality which differs from product to product, during my research I found an average score for Modicare products, as they works average in consideration to various other brands. Not only this but you can avail other brands on cheap prices rather than opting for Modicare.

I didn’t mean that their products are just waste of money, what I mean is that you can get the same product of different brand easily from retails and with much more discount and all. Modicare Products are costly but affordable.

Modicare Pros and Cons


  • Since 1996
  • Wide variety of products are available
  • Modicare Offers You a Business Opportunity
  • 9000+ distribution points are available.


  • Less Commission
  • Average quality of products
  • Initial Investment is needed

Some Modicare members review

Some negative reviews

Ravi Raj 1/5

I recently joined Modicare. Management and some products by Modicare are not good. As a result, I’m considering leaving the company.

Sonia 1/5

The Modicare agents show a fake dream of becoming a millionaire or billionaire. Guys, don’t fall for it. I wasted my money by believing their promises. The management at Modicare is poor.

Sahaj habi 1/5

I can describe the company in one word.

Modicare = Nirav Modi.

I think Modicare management is following in the footsteps of Nirav Modi.

Some positive reviews

Ishani Kai 5/5

Modicare was nothing less than a god for me during the COVID-19 pandemic. When I was fired from my company, Modicare saved me and my family. I am now earning more than I did at my previous company.

Sandhya Prakash 4/5

The company is good, but the management needs some improvement. Otherwise, the company is great. I have been a part of the company for the last 2 years. I am earning more than 60k per month.

Neha katbe 5/5

Before joining Modicare, I was part of one of the famous MLM companies, but their management was not good, so I left that and joined Modicare. Modicare management is best. Now I am enjoying my work. And management is very supportive.


If you have noted down, most of the MLM companies are fraud but in case of Modicare, they have lasted over 2 decades which is something to admire. The company has thoroughly invested itself in making various needy products for a home or office. Not only needy stuff but you can also buy jewelry or watches too which seems kind of odd from Modicare.

The company has scored an average score when it comes to quality of their products while some of the products are of great use and are ecofriendly. These products are not that cheap if we compare these to some other brands but maybe this is due to commission that company is paying to their consultant for selling their products.

If we come to earning, because this is an MLM based company….it is obvious that the person sitting at the top post will earn more than a new beginner who has just started. While the company has tried to lure more users with great bonus earning and incentives. For selling products, you require great skills of lure which is not possible for all of us, while we also need a great platform where we can easily induce products and advertise them.

Since the company has a no-return policy, the users face scary moments while ordering stuffs from the website. The company don’t want to face great loss, which is why there is no policy for return.

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