CIPL Reviews | Is CIPL a fraud company? Does CIPL make fake promises?

We are going to talk about CIPL that is “Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd” not the other one. I am a resident of Delhi, I myself have faced the real and the hard truth behind this company regulation before writing this review. I was not sure how I should address them but recently I met a person who inspired me for writing it. This post is 100% experienced review including pretty much whole truth behind seniors, the youngsters and the company.

CIPL Overview

FounderMr. Vinod Kumar
Contact[email protected]
Head office E-81, E Block, Sector 6, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
SocialInstagram | Twitter | LinkedIn
Earning Application Rating 2/5
Trustpilot Rating3.2/5

What is CIPL?

Well how should I put this, is it an organization? or just a small Institute firm? The second would be more convincing. Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd is an IT institutional firm targeting young youths for their satisfaction and creating a channel to grow their IT sales. They offers two kinds of easy ways to twist young generation mind and force them to join them. First way is in favor of youth joining them while second one is a cunning way to earn some big bonus. I am going to revert back my words soon down below and will tell you how both the ways are just some pretty ways CIPL uses to create their income.

According to their own clause mentioned in their SOPs, anyone working with them are just on their own. No partnership, no employment no part-time and anything else. You are just acting as a bait for others.

Is cipl a fraud?

I am writing an honest review on CIPL (Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd) as I was saved by my own father for the same. Yes they are 90% Scam and have created a large spider web for young youths to get caught.

I am going to describe all the regarding points one should know about them.

Earning and Learning Opportunities from CIPL

Learning WordPress

They facilitates this course for new youths, teaching the basics of WordPress and letting you know various tools and other related stuffs. This course is not free, of course. Every participant has to pay 10,000Rs which includes a domain and a hosting (1 Year Plan only). When you join the course, for class, you need to get in touch with your seniors. CIPL seniors try to provide offline class but online is preferred more.

With a successful idea and creativity, you will grow your own website and thus will use this opportunity to earn with no earning limit- this is what CIPL has for you.

Actual Reality: the wordpress course is a good thing, I mean learning some home based work is excellent during pandemic time intervals like COVID but I will definitely recommend you to go for a proper institute rather than opting it by CIPL. They will take up your 10000, a cheap hosting will be provided to you, which crashes so many times and you will just regret it. About the class and all, they don’t give a damn about those, seniors will just share your some random videos link and you will watch and get bored out of them.

Overall, they are scam. Just using the word IT doesn’t mean you look a devotee for the same, it requires a get determination and hard work.

HR or in simple words refer and earn

When you join the wordpress course, you become eligible for this step. In this step you just need to refer your friends and mates to the same wordpress course and on doing so you get to earn 20% of the total amount your friends or mates have paid. It means you earn 2000Rs on every successful reference. Not only this but CIPL had this work like a pyramid scheme. When new referee under you makes a successful reference, the head or senior (you) is also going to get some percentage from it as well. So more you get, the merrier your earning would be.

Actual reality: First of all, the suit that they wear doesn’t suit them but to a gentleman. The quality of the seniors degrades over time. 1st day would be fine, 2nd day would be fair but after that they would not like to see you. The HR that everyone gets caught in is just a sale one needs to make.

I mean you are going to tell lies covering all the back side of the whole company for that 20%, I know there’s a lot to earn ahead of it but just imagine, your friends or mates whom you are going to cheat- how will they react whenever they will meet you. Well for me it will be like hell.

What is the aim of CIPL company?

They don’t have any idea of IT or innovations at all, during seminars they will show you some luxury phones or cars which they have bought by cheating other young youths to show off but all that is just a lure— Don’t get caught. The wordpress learning or digital marketing are just some excuse Guys, don’t fall for it. You are just going to regret the whole sequence.

My Experience during Seminar

“The seminar was pretty good since all the things were prepared in advance. The person representing had great experience since he was not organizing it for the first time which is pretty obvious. The audience was crowded consisting of lots of fresher’s and young youths who were or would have completed their higher qualification… I had gone because someone asked me for a favor- the presentation was in excess mentioning all the positive points only. The graph and the tree chart about how your income will generate —they had focused on these much more than anything.

Now, here came the real boss, the head of whole name. He went on praising his own members and some seniors. He started bluffing about his own journey up to the age. He called out some members to show their luxury car keys and achievements which really made me envious and during the last part which I hated the most – some female members of the group forcefully asked for our numbers.

Also one more thing to add, I really respect to all those members who have successfully achieved their heights using the IT way and not the HR way. The seniors who just tried to make sales with lies and all are the worst.

Flaws with IT part

  • Low quality hosting
  • Not good support from support team.
  • No classes and if there are- they are not interactive.

Flaws with HR Part

  • Hard to find members.
  • Seniors will pressure you for bringing new recruits.
  • It destroys relationships with friends and family.

Some CIPL members review

Some negative reviews

Sandy bhai 1/5

I don’t know why this company is destroying Indian youth’s careers and lives. I joined Cipl in 2017. They told me that I could earn a lot of money from the IT part and that the HR part was optional, but after joining I came to know that this was a scam. They force you to do the HR part only.

Namda Rah 2/5

The company motivates you by saying “be your own boss,” “don’t work for others,” etc., but the reality is that you are just a sales person who sells their useless product to get a commission.

Himasni pal 1/5

CIPl is a fraudulent company. Don’t join CIPl. They just sell dreams to young people and destroy their careers.

Some Positive reviews 

Saju Gaira 4/5

I am a 17-year old member of the CIPL company. Because of CIPL I am earning a good amount of money at this young age. If you want to become successful in your life, then you should join CIPL.

Sapna choudhary 5/5

I suggest everyone become part of this opportunity given by cipl. Cipl not only helps you make money, but they also help you change your personality through their training sessions.

Rahul Tapu 5/5

Today, I own a car only because of CIPL. Cipl is not less than God to me. Whatever I am, it’s only because of the CIPL company.

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Conclusion and Final Verdict

I believe not everyone is suitable for IT sector, some of us are bad when it comes to computer and internet – and learning these is another story. If you are not good with computer language don’t get yourself involved. If you want to learn WordPress and start building your own business- go with a proper institution learning and buy your own hosting and domain later on.

Never believe on some random company which is not nearby you and just manipulating from afar.

Choose other means of learning and stay protected with scammers and cheaters who just know nothing. Stay alert of these people calling themselves Entrepreneurs. Don’t believe on their fake reviews stating themselves a quality thing.

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