EEHHAAA Review | Is EEHHAAA legit? Can You Earn Money from it?

Remember “Jaa Lifestyle” a platform that pays for watching advertisements and completing tasks. Just similar to that, today we are going to reveal a pretty much same platform where you get paid for watching advertisements and all. The Platform name is “EEHHAAA”. The name is quite interesting but, there’s a lot to reveal and look out of it.

During my research, I did came to know that EEHHAAA is a sub-brand of JAA LIFESTYLE. If it’s so, the platform should be same. 

EEHHAAA Overview

Released On22 August 2021
KYC Fees 10 Euro
Payout MethodPaypal
Payout Processing TimeWithin 7 days
AddressMarket Square, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland
Referral Program Available
MembershipFree And Paid
SocialFacebook | Instagram
Contact[email protected]
Earning Application Rating 2.5/5
Trustpilot Rating 4.5/5
Google Play Store Rating 4.4/5

What is EEHHAAA?

EEHHAAA is a website, which pays for watching advertisements and completing some tasks. It supports two types of account, one with a subscription fee and one with no fee. Also they states that you need to complete the KYC process for withdrawing money.

The two types of accounts does not only differ due to their fee but the main point is earning. The account with subscription fee lets you earn more than the free one. You just need to pay 10 euros to subscribe this royalty account. It offers more advertisements and tasks to users. 

EEHHAAA Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected for signup: Name, Email and password
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Privacy policy: Available
  • Terms And Conditions: Available
  • Data encryption: Yes

EEHHAAA requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Available Countries: Worldwide
  • Skill requirements: No special skill required

Is EEHHAAA a Scam?

No, according to my research some users have spoken positive or some have directly accused EEHHAAA a scam. It is only with some users that have faced some issue while withdrawing or during KYC procedure and have abused EEHHAA for a fraud. Let’s not come to the conclusion and dig about them. 

Ways to earn from EEHHAAA?

EEHHAAA offers four types of earning which I have listed briefly down below.

By watching advertisements. The users can access a whole variety of advertisements on the platform. From product advertisements to brand advertisements, they have pretty much all types of advertisements from boring one to interesting one. You just have to go watch these and you are going to get paid for the sum every advertisement holds. These can sometimes be lenthy one or can be short one. Remember that long advertisements pays a lot more than the short one.

By completing simple tasks on the platform. These tasks are similar to filing surveys or installing some recommended apps or software. This is a secondary way to boost your earning as advertisements don’t pay big sum.  

EEHHAAA also offers its platform to become an advertiser. You can earn 10% commission through this. You just need to take initiative of finding the brand that is looking to advertise its product.  

By referring the website to your friends and family members. This is same to affiliate marketing where you get paid for making a successful refer. Every time you refer someone to the platform you get a bonus reward. 

How much you can earn from EEHHAAA?

The advertisement section on the platform lets you watch 60 ads per day while the task section does not offer too much tasks to do. The updating of tasks takes too much time that you can’t depend on it all the time to boost your earning. Also the refer and earn way only comes handy when someone makes a successful refer. The 10% commission scheme requires you to find advertisement which seems hard until you have good audience looking for it.

Overall the earning is not that profitable but it’s not too worse as well. I believe if you are already using some other ways to earn, you can try EEHHAAA as well. 

How to withdraw money from EEHHAAA?

The platform lets you withdraw through a single payment gateway that is PAYPAL. You can also opt for other coupons and offers on the same webpage 

EEHHAAA Pros and Cons


  • It has four ways to earn money.
  • It provides a work from home opportunity.
  • This app is available on the Google Play Store.
  • Simple user-interface.


  • For KYC Verification, you have to pay 10 euros.
  • Not much information is available about EEHHAAA on the internet.
  • lack of information about the EEHHAAA owner.

Reviews of some EEHHAAA users

Negative reviews of some EEHHAAA users

Deepika Jain 1/5

Don’t waste your time. 99% of the ads we watch don’t pay us any money

Rakshi bahini 1/5

I don’t know how anyone can write a positive review for this platform. All of the positive ratings for this fake platform are paid reviews. Be cautious.

Yadav jii 1/5

Even after 1 month, I still haven’t received any payment. I simply wasted my money and time on it.

Positive reviews of some EEHHAAA users

Mannu bhandari 4/5

Eehhaaa is the best platform to earn money by watching ads, and it has other 3 ways to earn money also. The best thing about this app is that it allows its users to advertise on its platform.

Divya Rai 5/5

This site does not make you rich. But if you want to earn a little extra money, then it is great for you.

jerry 5/5

I have never used this platform to earn money, but I use it for advertising my business and the results are fantastic.


I won’t recommend EEHHAAA for users who are looking to earn good passive income with low time investments. Similar to JAA LIFESTYLE, EEHHAAA is not that amazing of a platform.

You might get bored or irritated while using the platform. There is not much to earn while watching advertisements requires a lot of time. I did came to various forms stating they didn’t get to withdraw their whole earnings. This might be due to KYC or some other issue.

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