Life Activated Brands Review: Is it Legit? Can you really make money from it?

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The post is all about an MLM company named as Life Activated brands which deals in nutritional supplements and more. I have detailed the whole process from joining to start earning.  

Life Activated Brands Overview

FoundersJessica Hayes, Brandon Hayes, Kimberly Coleman
Business model Direct selling
Address 13123 E Emerald Coast Pkwy, Ste B172, Inlet Beach, Florida 32461, US
Revenue<$5 Million
Return Policy Returnable within 30 days.
Minimum age for using productsShould be atleast 18 years old
Support[email protected]

What is Life Activated Brands?

Life Activated Brands is an MLM company that sells Nutritional products, detox tea or weight loss products etc. the company was found by Brandon Hayes in 2018 Florida, United States. 

Right now the company has a good growth in Canada and US. Life Activated Products also commits that their focus in on helping people with their daily lives by maintaining their health and fitness.  The company further claims that their products have been made from real natural goods that have a great impact with no side effects at all. 

Ways to join Life Activated Brands

If we come to the way of working with them and start earning, there are mainly 3 ways to do so. I have briefly described them in short for you to catch up.

Becoming an Independent Business Owner

To become so, one needs to buy their subscription and follow the after steps. You need to pay $49 as a subscription fee for a whole year. After it expires, you need to pay again the same $49 amount and your subscription renews for another 12 months.

When you become an IBO, you can sell the products with your commission to earn some hefty sum. The more you sell, the more commission you earn. There is no limit to it.


Quite similar to IBO, you have to sell atleast one product successfully to be called as Affiliate partner or user. The earning is similar to IBO, you are going to earn commission on each product you sell.


This is something big to consider and also it will require a good determination to do so. Becoming an ambassador means you are going to be an Employer- you are going to recruit IBO or new affiliates under your downline. This is something like Franchisee and to gain this you need to qualify some strict norms and conditions. You need to give a better performance as an IBO or affiliate to become an ambassador.   

List of Life Activated Brands Product

Life Activated Brands offers a wide range of nutritional supplements, CBD oil products and Weight Loss supplement.  They claims best quality and performance of their drugs which will change your normal day to an energetic one. Well, I haven’t got to tried one from them so, I won’t be able to make any kind of comment to their quality. Let’s check out the name and price of some of them:

Nutritional Product

Morvida: Daily Nutritional Supplement- $89 for a box of thirty single-serving sachets.

CBD Products

  • LivCana CBD Balm: $72 for 1 oz tub (28.3 grams)
  • LiveCana Premium THC Free: $89 for a box of 28 single servings
  • LivCana Full Spectrum: $89 for a box of 28 single servings
  • LivCana Energy Capsules + CBD: $59 for a 30 Capsule Products
  • LivCana Energy Mix + CBD: $50 for a pouch of 14 single-serve sachets.

Weight Loss Products

  • LIVology Cleanse: $62 for a 30 capsule bottle.
  • LIVology Detox Tea: $29 for a Pouch of Ten Servings.
  • LIVology Sleep: $62 for a bottle of 30 capsules.
  • LIVology Activate: $ 62 for 30 capsule bottles.

These are the products right now available from Life Activated Brand. Also If you want to know more about the particular product, I will advise you to visit their official website

One more thing to add would be the company is claiming a 30 Days Return policy on every product. You can return the product if you find it not suitable.  

These were the details of the products that they are offering but what about, how one can earn money through it. Let’s discuss about it in a clear manner. 

Ways to earn passive income from Life Activated Brands

The company is providing 7 types of compensation plan through which any one of you can make some passive income. 

Retail Profit 

When you buy products from the company as a distributer, you get discount on the MRP and now you can sell the same product for the Maximum Retail Price. It means, the discount you got was a profit to you.

Enroller Bonus

It’s simple and easy to understand, suppose you as an Affiliate hires new IBOs or affiliates under your downline, you are going to get some part of their earnings indirectly. They too will earn decent amount of their shares.

Sponsor Bonus

This is a bonus you get when you recruits new members under your surveillance and they make their first order successful. You get a 15% CV as bonus for such achievement.

Team Commission

Becoming an ambassador will grant you to achieve this commission. The company works in a big Binary plan, which makes it a strong marketing plan. When you rank up as an Ambassador by your performance, you and your teams get eligible to earn a highest commission of $200 to $60000 per month. 

RanksMonthly Cap (in Dollar)
Ambassador 500$200
Ambassador 1k$400
Ambassador 2k$600
Ambassador 4k$800
Ambassador 6k$1,000
Ambassador 8k$1,200
Ambassador 10k$1,500
Ambassador 12k$1,800
Ambassador 15k$2,000
Ambassador 18k$2,500
Ambassador 20k$3,000
Ambassador 25k$3,500
Ambassador 30k$4,000
Ambassador 35k$4,500
Ambassador 40k$5,000
Ambassador 45k$5,500
Ambassador 50k$6,000
Ambassador 60k$7,000
Ambassador 70k$8,000
Ambassador 80k$9,000
Ambassador 90k$10,000
Legend 100k$20,000
Legend 200k$30,000
Legend 300k$40,000
Legend 400k$50,000
Legend 500k$60,000

Rank Advancement Bonus

As an Ambassador, you start getting a Rank bonus after you cross the rank of Ambassador 500.

After crossing such line, you are going to get bonus on every rank advancement you make. Earning ranks is directly proportional to your efforts and your team efforts. 

RankBonus (in Dollar)
Ambassador 500$100
Ambassador 1k$100
Ambassador 2k$100
Ambassador 4k$100
Ambassador 6k$250
Ambassador 8k$250
Ambassador 10k$250
Ambassador 12k$500
Ambassador 15k$500
Ambassador 18k$500
Ambassador 20k$500
Ambassador 25k$750
Ambassador 30k$750
Ambassador 35k$750
Ambassador 40k$750
Ambassador 45k$1,000
Ambassador 50k$1,000
Ambassador 60k$1,000
Ambassador 70k$1,000
Ambassador 80k$1,250
Ambassador 90k$1,500
Legend 100k$1,750
Legend 200k$2,000
Legend 300k$3,000
Legend 400k$4,000
Legend 500k$5,000

Leadership check match

To become eligible for a leadership check match. Affiliates Ambassadors must have a rank of 6000 or higher. This pays a fixed percentage on downline team commissions of levels 1 and 2.

RanksLevel 1Level 2
Ambassador 6k10%
Ambassador 8k15%
Ambassador 10k20%
Ambassador 12k25%
Ambassador 15k25%10%
Ambassador 18k25%15%
Ambassador 20k25%20%
Ambassador 25k25%25%
Ambassador 30k30%25%
Ambassador 35k35%25%
Ambassador 40k40%25%
Ambassador 45k50%25%
Ambassador 50k50%30%
Ambassador 60k50%35%
Ambassador 70k50%40%
Ambassador 80k50%45%
Ambassador 90k50%50%
Legend 100k50%25%
Legend 200k50%50%
Legend 300k50%50%
Legend 400k50%50%
Legend 500k50%50%

Leadership Pool

In this source of income, the company becomes willing to distribute its 1% of total earnings to higher ranked affiliates and Ambassador. This incomes is paid on monthly basis. 

Ambassador 25k2 shares
Ambassador 30k3 shares
Ambassador 35k5 shares
Ambassador 40k to Legend 100k10 shares
Legend 200k20 shares
Legend 300k30 shares
Legend 400k40 shares
Legend 500k50 shares

Is Life Activated Brands Scam?

Well, they were if their products were just show off but in contrary they are not scam. I mean it’s not my personal vengeance but I didn’t found that much evidence stating them as a scam. 

Also they are not working on a pyramid scheme model but on a direct selling model. Since they are already willing to sell their products directly to customers.  

Life Activated Brands Ranks

RanksRequired CVPay Leg Volume (CV)Minimum CustomersPersonally Enrolled
Affiliate70 CV1
Affiliate Plus70 CV2
Super Affiliate70 CV21 Affiliate
Ambassador 50070 CV50021 Affiliate
Ambassador 1k70 CV1,00021 Affiliate
Ambassador 2k70 CV2,00021 Affiliate
Ambassador 4k70 CV4,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 6k70 CV6,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 8k70 CV8,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 10k70 CV10,00022 Affiliate
Ambassador 12k70 CV12,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 15k70 CV15,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 18k70 CV18,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 20k70 CV20,00021 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 25k70 CV25,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 30k70 CV30,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 35k70 CV35,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 40k70 CV40,00032 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 45k70 CV45,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 50k70 CV50,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 60k70 CV60,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 70k70 CV70,00033 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 80k70 CV80,00034 Super Affiliate
Ambassador 90k70 CV90,00034 Super Affiliate
Legend 100k70 CV100,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 200k70 CV200,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 300k70 CV300,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 400k70 CV400,00044 Super Affiliate
Legend 500k70 CV500,00044 Super Affiliate

How much you can earn from Life Activated Brands?

The earning level directly depends on your performance. If you have a strong social handlings, you can achieve customers easily. More the customers, more is the commission. 

 Product quality also matters in this case, if the company is providing bad quality products, the customer will definitely apply for the return policy. And if the product returns back, no commission would be entertained to IBOs or Affiliates.

Is Life Activated Brands Legit?

My final verdict would be- if you have talent and experience with such kind of marketing scheme, it’s a wonderful opportunity to earn some side income. The earning will become better once you achieve the goal of an Ambassador.

Life Activated Brands pros and cons


  • Products are expensive.
  • Less variety of product.


  • Gives an opportunity to earn passive income.
  • The product is of high quality. 

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It’s hard to decide whether one should join and work with them or not. In my opinion if you are living in a healthy society where you can easily get customers for such products, you should definitely opt for it and start earning. But if you have some competition within the same society or the people don’t pay heed to such products, you should not waste your time in it.  

 The company has created such commission earning plan so that they will sit quit while Affiliates, IBOs or Ambassador will make efforts to advertise and sell their products. Well I won’t call it a bad deal since you are earning a commission for doing so. 

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