PrizeRebel review | Is PrizeRebel a legit? Can You Earn Real Money From It?

We have been across many GPT websites which are trusted with users and are safe and sound in use. Their pay is decent and support many rewarding systems. Today I have bought you the review of a

Today I have brought you the review of a prizerebel site, which is a strong player in GPT sites and offers more than any other website.

PrizeRebel also known for best player in paid to surveys, is a website existed since 2007 and has successfully offered $20 million worth rewards to its users. Since it has made a great journey from last decade, it’s our duty to check how really this thing works.

PrizeRebel overview

Minimum withdrawal$5
Payout Method PayPal, gift cards, game codes
SocialFacebook | Twitter |
Payout processing timeWithin 24 hours
Signup bonusNo sign up bonus
Minimum age required User must be at least 18 years old
Customer supportOpen
Earning Application Rating 4/5
Trustpilot Rating3.9/5
Sitejabber Rating 3.1/5

What is PrizeRebel?

It is a Get-to-Paid site which offers a platform where its users can earn from regular tasks. Tasks like completing surveys, playing games, scratching coupons, watching videos, doing activities and much more. The site is famous for its trust and nice availability of the tasks. One can earn good passive income through working for around 2 hours daily. Well not exactly working but pretty much enjoying and entertaining themselves.

Let’s see how these tasks works but before let’s learn how to sign in for this amazing way of earning.

PrizeRebel Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected for signup: First name, last name, email and password
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: No
  • Privacy policyRead Here
  • Terms And ConditionsRead here
  • Data encryption: Yes

PrizeRebel requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Available Countries: It is available for most countries but not all countries.
  • Skill requirements: No special skills required

How to sign up for PrizeRebel?

It’s pretty much easy and fast process, you just need some of the basic details like E-mail, name, age etc. to sign in. It won’t even take hardly 1 minute and you are ready to grab some bucks.

Must to mention, do not forget about a proper address for withdrawing of your earnings. You can also opt for other ways to enjoy your earnings. Just check out the payment section down below.

Ways of make money on PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel offers different sections to earn which I am going to list and also with a brief description.

Paid Surveys

This is what they aimed for in the start. By offering surveys after collaborating with different

Researching companies and all. When you successfully sign in, you enter your dashboard where you can switch to earn tab, there you get different surveys providers with a brief description about them. Choose which seems to be of your taste or type and go for it. Some of the surveys are not too long while some are long with great rewards.

Since PrizeRebel has collaborated with lots of surveys providers, it becomes easy for the users to earn daily without waiting for weeks to get these surveys unlike some other surveys sites. Comparing the rewards with other sites, PrizeRebel offers more form others. You can usually choose the surveys on the base of time it is going to consume with the amount you are going to earn on successfully completion.

One more thing to add is the qualification of the surveys, one must be eligible for the specific surveys. To make it in simple words- a user only get surveys which he/she can complete. Some of the listed surveys are common while some are not. But, don’t worry guys there are many of them to choose on.

Paid Offers

Completing paid offers is pretty common and easy process. If you guys have already tried some of the apps for earning, you might know what to do. Similar to some of the GPT sites, PrizeRebel also collaborates with some of the advertising company to provide you a booted way to earn. These paid offers includes – installing of recommended apps, software or signing for some websites, interacting with some websites and all. They offers a decent amount of earnings, which is good in case you get bored out of Surveys and all.

Although this will boost your earnings, but these third party apps or website might not be secure for all. They might breach your data or it can be some malware which would harm your devices and all.

Paid Games

When it comes to enjoying and earning at the same time, Paid games are the best, PrizeRebel also offers this entertainment by play and earn tab on the dashboard. You can play some of the great games with earnings. Some games requires downloading while some of them are directly available for online play.

These games are worth to check guys, since there are some famous games like Final Fantasy, pool, Starsweeper etc. Their play and earn tab is frequently updated which means you can try lots of games without getting stuck on one.

Watch and Earn

PrizeRebel offers earn through watching small videos, these are advertising videos from various new brands and old ones at the same time. This is a great way for earning but they don’t offers much of an earnings, which I consider. If you guys are okay with it, I admit to your acceptance. Still if I compare it with other GPT sites, PrizeRebel offers frequent videos which is a plus point from them.

Daily Challenges

This is what it means guys. Every day on sign in, you can observe a Daily Challenge pop on on your left side of the webpage. To make you understand- you can earn a bonus after completing these decent challenges. They are time sensitive challenges where you need to earn mentioned points in the given time. There is also a challenge where you need to sign in in a streak of around five days to get a wonderful bonus. Isn’t this interesting guys.

Well, these are most used ways to earn from PrizeRebel. They also offers 2-3 other ways as well which I didn’t mention here because of my belief. These methods are not that of great and you can hardly earn from them. They are more like luck games. If you do want to discover them, just sign in to PrizeRebel and open the specific tabs.

What are the earnings?

In every category you guys are going to earn points which is convertible directly to your favorite rewards. Rewards like real money, must to mention- check out the reward section down below to get a proper description of the rerwards. Every 100 points in equal to $1 worth of reward.

Is PrizeRebel legit?

As far as my research, PrizeRebel is a 100% Genuine site and is trusted by over 10 million users, It is also one of the old GPT site with strong growth. It is safe with no breach of Privacy and other user data, so relax, you are not going to regret using PrizeRebel.

How much you can earn from PrizeRebel?

The answer to this question depends on much you work on it. If we take a look over the surveys availability, PrizeRebel is counted as the best website. Since they have partnered with many Surveys Provider, they are rarely short on surveys. Some of the surveys have high rated earnings and some have average. If you count them in one, you can earn decent number of points.

Continuing to the fact of PrizeRebel, they are already providing with many other options for boosting points. Playing Games is one of the best one out of these since they don’t require investment like other betting options and comes in the category of entertainment.

The point count of 100 means 1$ which means if you work on an average of 2 hours per day for a week, you can earn around 4000 points which is equal to 40$. Really satisfying, isn’t it.

How PrizeRebel pays?

The first and foremost thing we make sure of is the payment gateway. How PrizeRebel does pay to its users? The first payment gateway used by PrizeRebel is the Paypal. We all have been using Paypal to withdraw money from our various GPT websites, it’s pretty simple and easy to use and is more convenient too.

Well PrizeRebel not only supports Paypal but many more pays to reward its users. You can use your hard earned points on many good deals for example you can use your points in games like Minecraft or League of Legends, you can also convert your points in shopping vouchers of Amazon, Visa credits and much more. You can request for payout for as less as $5 which is great.

Overall PrizeRebel has tried its best to satisfy its users in case of rewarding.

PrizeRebel Pros and Cons


  • Payout within 24 hours
  • Many ways of make money
  • Trusted by its users
  • Good customer support service


  • You have to qualify to participate in the survey.
  • In developing countries, it pays very little for completing each survey.

Reviews of some PrizeRebel users

Positive reviews of some PrizeRebel users

Palak Lanca 4/5

I recommend PrizeRebel to everyone who wants to earn money by filling out surveys. PrizeRebel pays on time. I just received my first five-dollar payment. It took only 24 hours for the funds to transfer.

Deepak Nara 4/5

My friend suggested this site to me. I started using this site in early 2020. My overall experience has been great till now. And the best thing is that its minimum withdrawal threshold is low compared to other similar sites.

Steven Gerrard 5/5

If you are a student who wants to earn an extra bit of cash, then I recommend PrizeRebel. I have been using this site for less than a month and I have already made over $10. The pay for each survey depends on your country. Developed countries have higher pay compared to developing countries.

Negative reviews of some PrizeRebel users

Simran Aygi 2/5

The surveys are time-consuming. It takes more than 20 minutes to complete the survey. I’ve completed four surveys so far, but I didn’t receive any reward.

Ravindra prabhat 1/5

I joined this website in December to earn money online. But, they terminated my account when I reached my minimum withdrawal threshold amount.

Neha katbe 1/5

Yesterday I received a payment of $5 to PayPal. But guys, I still suggest you not use this site. It took 5 months to earn 5 dollars. They pay very little for each survey. Sometimes survey questions do not even load properly, forcing me to exit the survey.

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PrizeRebel is a great platform to earn some passive income without any investment. They are offering much more form any other GPT sites. Their payout is good, they have good availability of surveys, they have many other different ways to boost your earnings and they have good customer support. What more one can expect from them. They are pretty much positive in every point side. They are old but are Gold…. Hahaha ,,, Well final verdict is – Go for it guys, if you are bored with your old paid to surveys sites.

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