Meesho Review | Is Meesho a scam? Can you become a millionaire from it?

Today we are going to personally review shopping and earning site Meesho. In recent few months, users have posted some negative points over the Internet about Meesho therefore it becomes compulsory to check whether these are acceptable or not.

Meesho overview

FoundersSanjeev Barnwal, Vidit Aatrey
Legal name Meesho Inc.
Headquarter Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Business model B2C
No. of Employees3000+
Social Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn
Payout methods for sellersBank account
Payout processing time for sellersWeekly payment
Support[email protected]
Shipping charge for sellers18% GST
Ways to earnBecoming a Seller and Recommending products.
Is Meesho worldwideNo

What is Meesho?

Just like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues etc. Meesho has the same work process. A platform where you can get wonderful and variety of Goods available at discounted or cheap rate.

Consider it as a rival to Amazon and Shopsy (sub brand of Flipkart) which are trying to compete this race in best online shopping platform.

To make themselves unique in Online shopping platforms, they have introduced commission earning which is open for all the users. I going to mention how it really works.

Meesho Safety Overview

  • Details Required To Sell On Meesho: Email, phone number, GST Identification Number and Bank Account details
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: No
  • Privacy policyRead Here
  • Terms And ConditionsRead here
  • Data encryption: Yes

Meesho requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Available Countries: India
  • Skill requirements: Business Skills

Is Meesho legit?

To clarify its originality we need to observe further, I have mentioned some of the negative and positive rumors that have been Internet and Meesho’s review section itself. Also after getting to the conclusion, you are going to get the real answer.

How to earn From Meesho

Anyone can earn from Meesho. You just need an account for earning. Although there are two way to make some cash from home by using Meesho but one way is not available to all.

Two Ways to Earn From Meesho.

  1.  Becoming a Seller
  2. Recommending products.

Becoming a Seller on Meesho

This is similar to the Amazon business or Flipkart business, creating a seller account and listing your products in specific categories. For making a seller account you need some specific details like Gst no, brand name, Company name and some other needy details before you get accounted as a seller. If you are already a seller on Amazon or Flipkart, it will be much familiar for you. You can grow your store and business with Meesho.

Referring Products after adding Own Commission

It’s pretty simple and easy process, if you are an influencer on social media then it really becomes more profitable to you. Affiliate marketing generally requires big audience and when you have great influence, it becomes easy to get hold of it. Well I am not talking about this process validation to only Influencer, if you are not one of them you can still use this way to earn from Meesho.

How to earn by referring products after adding the Own Commission in the Meesho

Earning by referring only requires an account on Meesho, if you have one follow the steps below.

Step 1. Choose the product from Meesho that is offering a decent price tag and offering more to earn. How much commission you can add to the actual cost of the product is mentioned on that specific product.

Step 2. Look for the product which is low on cost and is offering great commission. Well for good  Future earning, I will recommend- choose the product which is of good and trusted brand so  as not to ruin your customer. These good and trusted products might not get you more commission but if you can win your customers trust then it’s good for your future commission.

Step 3. Now just generate the link and share it with your friends or the person who is in need for the same.

Step 4. When someone buys the product with your shared link, the commission would be added to your Meesho account wallet. You can withdraw your earnings or use it to buy products directly through Meesho.

How much you can earn through Meesho?

When it comes to the limit of earning then there is no such limit to that. It directly depends on your product listing or your social influence in Affiliate Marketing. If you are earning through seller account, try to list your product on minimal profit, It will gain you more customers and at the same time a great reputation.

On contrary one can easily make 10k-20k without any real investment.

Is Meesho safe?

On the basis or platform, you are safe but when it comes to originality of the product you are buying, it might not be. Well it’s pretty normal to understand that you are just selecting the product on the basis of pics, so until and unless you physically check the product, you can’t be sure. Its better not to order too expensive things since I myself faced some problem with customer support back then.

Also every seller is not cheater, so not to worry. You can expect a decent deal from them.

A special Warning for Seller’s

It happened not long ago, well my friend had made a seller account on Meesho to list some goods. Everything was fine. He was getting an average of 2 customers daily and was making a decent profit but after some time 2-3 users tried to cheat the seller by requesting replacement and sending some rubbish instead of the original product they received.

So just a heads-up, if you are seller you might come to face these cheater users as well.

Meesho Pros and Cons for sellers


  • Good customer support.
  • Fast delivery to your customers.
  • Sell products in over 28,000 pincodes.
  • Meesho charge 0% commission on sales.
  • 11 Crore+ customers.


  • It is currently only available in India.
  • Sometimes unnecessary penalties are imposed on sellers and resellers.
  • No free personal website for resellers.
  • In terms of business model and mobile interface, there is a lack of innovation.

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Reviews of some Meesho users

Positive reviews of some Meesho users

Anvi adani 4/5

I have been selling our products on this app for the last 2 years. I never faced any issues regarding payment or customer support, but sometimes orders show a status of “delivered” when actually they are not. But for the last few months, I have not faced this issue.

Deep Kumar 5/5

I earn more than 3 lakhs per month by referring Meesho products. This app provides a great opportunity for those who want to work online or work from home.

Girish Chandra 4/5

I started using this app during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. I never thought that I could earn money by sharing products on social media. But in just a few months, I’ve earned more than a lakh rupees.

Negative reviews of some Meesho users

Sanjay Joshi 2/5

I am a seller on Meesho. 50% of the product will not be delivered to the customer. Join Meesho only if you want to make a loss.

Raghu Ram 1/5

I am a seller at Meesho. Out of 100 orders, 90 are either returned or marked RTO. Sometimes, return or RTO status shows delivered but actually it is not. I never faced this kind of issue on other platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. I suggest you sell on Amazon instead of Meesho.

Sandhya 1/5

Meesho has blocked my account without warning or notification. They are trying to scam their sellers.


Overall Meesho is a decent platform to fulfill your needy things, and it is providing a good and trusted way for earning. You can expect a lot from Meesho since it has just begin its journey. You can grow with Meesho using the seller account, also Meesho might be preparing a great deal for its Sellers in future since it is another Made in India thing. Meesho is a real deal.

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