Axie Infinity Review | Is Axie Infinity a scam? Can You Earn Real Money From It?

Guys I have been bringing various ways for you all to earn some passive income, I hope these post have been useful to you. Let me know in the comment section please- it helps in motivating me.

Similar to my previous post I have bought you a review of Axie Infinity game which has been in recent trends. This is a blockchain based game with a lot of potential in earning.

This post could be hard to understand for New users who are not aware of blockchains and all but I have tried my best to cover all the necessary things. Let’s start without further explanations. Also one last thing make sure to read the conclusion before investing yourself in Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity Overview

Co-founderNguyen Thanh Trung
DeveloperSky Mavis Inc
Released Year2018
Game currencyAXS token
SocialTwitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram
Customer SupportClick here

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game developed by a veitnamese tech giant. It is based on Ethereum Blockchain and Ronin blockchain. Axies are little creatures something like Pokemon. To make it simple- if you have ever played Pokemon Go on your devices, you can easily understand how this blockchain game really works. Every player uses these Axies to battle with each other and win with their tactical skills.

In past two years Axie Infinity has successfully influenced youths to play and enjoy this wonderful game. The main reason that leads it to success could also be the earning reason. While playing Axie Infinity players earn SLP coins on successful winning, these SLP coins can be traded for other cryptos or NFT’s (digital assets).

The game is available on mainly all devices like Android, Ios, Windows or Mac. Axie Infinity has a great no. of user’s wide-world. Most of them are Phillipinians.

Axie Infinity Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected for signup: MetaMask or email and password
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: No
  • Privacy policyRead Here
  • Terms And ConditionsRead here
  • Data encryption: Yes

Axie Infinity requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Supported Countries: Worldwide
  • Skill requirements: No special skills required

What is SLP?

Small Love Potion (SLP) is in game token which can be obtained by winning different battles in PVP game mode. You can trade these tokens on various crypto trading platform like Binance, Kucoin, Gate etc.

These tokens have a recycling duration of 2 weeks (14 Days)- it means you must withdraw these SLP tokens on every 14th day from the start of playing or you are going to lost these.

What are the game modes in Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity supports two game modes

PVP battle Mode

Player vs. player: This is a battle between all live players. Each player gets to use 3 Axies for combat. These Axies will fight with your opponents Axies and crush them. The winner of the battle is the player whose Axies stays live and rewards like potion, power-ups and other raw materials are rewarded to the winner.

Adventure Mode

As the name suggests, this one is an adventure mode where every player explores the world of Lunacia with their Axies. Explore and hunt other hostile creatures in the forests of Lunacia to gain experience point and other mysterious rewards.

How to Play Axie Infinity?

I have mentioned all the steps that you Guys need to follow:-

Step1: Downloading Axie Infinity

This Phase includes downloading the game client from its official website. You can download either one – depending on your device.

Since Axie Infinity is available for Android, MAC, ios, and Window. Just choose the proper client for your device.

Step 2: Ronin Wallet

This phase is precious one so make sure to follow it quite well. Before you start playing Axie Infinity, you need to sign up for a Ronin Cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet is also available for all operating device.

Once you download a Ronin Wallet, sign up by creating a strong password. Type your recovery details and other required fields. Remember that this procedure is almost same on all devices.

After successfully creation of account go for Axie Infinity and use the login credential of your Ronin Wallet. One you login, you will have to fill some required fields like username, mail address etc.

Step 3: Purchasing Axies

As already mentioned above- Axies are the creatures of this game. You will need to buy these Axies either in Adult form or in Matured Egg.

If you are short on money and are going to buy an egg, you will have to wait for 5 days for the hatching. Actually, there are different classes of Axies on the marketplace. You will have to choose wisely as these little creatures are differentiated with various advantages and disadvantages.

Note: If you do not log in for two years, all your personal data will be deleted.

Things that matters in Axie Infinity


Players can cross bread various Axies for new species of Axies. There are many mythical, Rare, Most Rare, Legendary types of Axies. Breeding can let you have one from these.

Choosing Axies

In the start of the game every plyer has to buy an Axies or Axies egg. Making a wise research before buying Axies would be a great step to further outcomes.

Types of Axies

There are many powerful and rare Axie which holds special tactics and powers. But if look for the Classes of these Axies then there are; Plant, Beast, Bug, Aquatic, Aerial, Reptile types of Axies in Axie Infinity.

Game Mode

As already mentioned, you have two options, either you can fight with other players or can solely explore the world of Axies Lunacia, you can earn SLP token in both the modes.

AXS tokens

Except SLP, players also gain AXS tokens which is an in game token that can be used to buy Axies or upgrading them. These tokens help in shaping Axies World.

How much you can earn from Axie Infinity?

This could be the main question for you guys so let me explain it closely, In Explore mode on the game every players has a limit to earn 100 SLP token, not more than that while in PVP mode one can win around 20 SLP token from one battle.

You can also earn daily 25 SLP coins by completing daily’s quests. These quests include playing 5 matches in Arena mode, completing defined missions in explore mode etc.

As mentioned earlier above, players need to withdraw SLP coins on every 2 week to their usual wallets. These SLP coins have varying buy and sell rate just like any other digital currency, so selling these currency on a better rate would be more benefactory then selling them on low prices.

Also, players can exchange these tokens for other Crypto currency, so earning SLP and investing them for short or long time would be a great step.

Pros and Cons.


  • Users from all over the world can access it.
  • Both desktop and mobile operating systems are supported.
  • Simple user-interface


  • Requires investment
  • Only Axie Infinity and Ethereum are accepted as payment methods.
  • Risk to investment due to controversy over crypto currency.

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Reviews of some Axie Infinity users

Negative reviews of some Axie Infinity users

Sahil chope 1/5

Don’t play this boring game to earn some money. Don’t waste your precious time.

Joyel Steve 2/5

The only issue with this game is that it is boring. I suggest you not play this boring game for a few extra bucks.

Stebic John 1/5

I tried to contact customer support. But they didn’t respond. The only response I got was an automated response.

Positive reviews of some Axie Infinity users

Amihan 5/5

I am from the Philippines. I’ve been playing this game for the last few months. Because of this game, I am able to pay my rent, school fees, and so on.

Fernandez Diwa 4/5

My brother plays Axie in his free time . He is earning extra bucks from this game. You cannot become a millionaire from this game. You can just earn extra pocket money

Sachi shekar 5/5

This game is genuine. Many people from poor countries are able to pay rent, school fees, etc. because of this game. You can earn anywhere from 100-200 dollars per month. This game is good for countries where 200 dollars is a large amount.


Axie infinity is a futuristic game with many upcoming events. It is hard to say that everyone can afford the investment since buying Axies costs a lot. But if you have good tactics and skills, one can double or triple their investment in short span of time.

Since it is blockchain based game, it directly depends on Crypto. If we observe previous controversy and analysis of crypto-currencies, one can observe that it is risky and can ruin economically. On the other hand if you have a good conscience and support digital assets then no issue, enjoy this game world with a positive thinking.

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