Mindswarms Review | Is Mindswarms legit? Can You Earn Real Money From It?

Paid Surveys has always been low on payout, or sometimes they are total scam. Today I came across Mindswarms, a market research firm that offers highly paid video surveys? It that so, well let’s check it out whether Mindswarms really works or not. Since no one out there wants to lose their precious time on some loose comments out there on internet.

Mindswarms Overview

Founded Date2018
FounderTom Bassett
Google play store Downloads100,000+
HeadquarterSan Francisco, California, United States
Email[email protected]
Contact number4158650441
Social MediaFacebook Twitter Linkedin
Payout methodPayPal
Minimum Withdrawal No Minimum withdrawal threshold
Payout processing time Within 24 hours
Google Play Store Rating3.4/5
Apple App Store Rating4.1/5
Earning Application Rating3/5

What is Mindswarms?

Mindswarms is a research firm working with various advertising, retail, healthcare, entertainment, and other industries that are looking for feedback to their goods and services. Mindswarms works as a mediator and provide surveys through their platform to users like us, that’s how they work and they pay us.

What does it offer?

Mindswarms offer surveys that requires answers in video form. This might be little tuff but their pay is reasonable to what they are asking. You also require a profile video to get approved for taking surveys.

The Surveys are kind of moderate level, that don’t require a lot of stress on your mind but answering them with a video can be tiresome to some out there.

How do you get paid?

Since you all are aware about the working of surveys program, every surveys have different value and you can observe that in the starting of choosing a survey. Similarly, Mindswarms list their surveys accordingly with price tag. You choose one of them and you get the mentioned amount on a proper answer accordingly. Also Mindswarms payout system requires a valid Paypal account, since you are going to get your earnings directly to your Paypal wallet.

How much money can you make?

Mindswarms offers two kinds of surveys, one-question type and the multiple-questions type.

The one-question type will allow you to earn $10 after completing it, while the multiple-questions survey will reward you with $50. It’s actually a pretty high reward considering that it is only one survey. Overall the payout might change in future.

There is no limit to how many surveys you can take but there’s a catch and that is Mindswarms are way too low in providing surveys, means you have to be patient for getting surveys.

Who can join Mindswarms?

There is no limitation or some kind of restriction when it comes to joining, it’s just that it depends on your profile, since you are asked to provide a profile video before getting a surveys, not all of you could pass in this. And one more thing to know, since they are short on surveys, only a person with ideal patience should join and earn. Rest would be annoyed by it.

Mindswarms Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Application is also available for android device.
  • Comfort of home since surveys can be done from anywhere.
  • Get paid cash within 24 hours of completing a survey.


  • Pre qualification surveys are not paid.
  • Short on surveys availability.
  • Video needs to be qualified before payout.

Is Mindswarms legit?

Mindswarms is legit to use and their payout commitment is real too. You get your earning in next 24hours, that’s pretty nice while 10$ and 50$ pay for single surveys looks like a bluff but they aren’t.

How do Mindswarms work?

You will need to apply for a study by filling out a quick screener that is done to see if you are qualified for a survey or not. Not all can qualified that what I got with my research. If you do qualify, you’ll move forward and be asked to answer around 10 questions with video responses.

How long will each survey take?

This is somewhat weird to ask since different surveys require different time interval but still there is a rough estimation for video survey and that is 15-20 minutes. A survey of 10$-50$ in around 30 minutes is still way to much profiting.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

They do not have any minimum threshold options. Also, you must have a valid Paypal account to get paid as there are no other options to withdraw your earnings from the site.

How to Join Mindswarms

Step 1: Sign Up

Create an account using your desktop/laptop, but make sure you have a webcam available to use. You can also download the Mindswarms app on your Android or iPhone/tablet.

Step 2: Create a Profile

Mindswarms requires you to have a profile video to ensure that your camera works. There also are a few questions to answer in the member profile section to narrow down which types of surveys you will qualify for.

Step 3: Apply for Studies

Within your account you will see opportunities that you can apply for based on your demographic. Just answer a few multiple choice questions that will be reviewed by a researcher within 24 hours. If you are chosen, then you can begin recording your video answers!

Step 4: Record a Video (if you get selected)

After getting selected you will be asked to answer 1 – 7 questions through video. This could take 10-20 minutes of your time and also your answers will mark your qualification.

Reviews of some Mindswarms users

Positive reviews of some Mindswarms users

Bilbin Poda 4/5

Mindswarms is a legit app.The concept of Mindswarms, where you can get paid to complete surveys, is fantastic. Mindswarms pay through Paypal. I earned more than 100 dollars using Mindswarms.

Sachin dhawan 5/5

This app is fantastic. It’s simple to use, but you have to be fit for the research project. For that, you must first complete the screening questions. I’ve earned more than $200 so far.

Riya Deep 5/5

Mindswarms is fantastic. I completed a survey yesterday and received payment within 24 hours. I’ve only had it for a month but earned more than $500. I have no complaints.

Negative reviews of some Mindswarms users

Tamana Pal 1/5

The Mindwarms app is completely useless. There is no in-app help, not even a FAQ section or a link to help.

Ishan Chabra 2/5

It took a month for my first survey offer to arrive after I signed up. I received it, completed the survey, and was paid within two days. I haven’t received any more surveys since then. Now it’s just a waste of time.

Kavu Rani 1/5

I’ve been using this app for almost six months and have not yet been chosen for a survey.

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Mindswarms is a legit survey site that may be great if you’re already taking surveys online. Their pay is well while the surveys don’t require too much time. If you don’t mind being on camera then Mindswarms is a good one for you.

They provide convenience form home. The only thing that ruins Mindswarms is the availability of surveys. They sometimes take too much time to provide you, your qualified survey.

But guys, everything has their pros and cons, so if you are a patient one, using Mindswarms to do some randomly surveys is not a bad deal. You can use other means in the mean time they create survey for you.

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