Lucky Chip Spin App Review | Is Lucky Chip Spin App legit? Can You Earn Real Money From It?

Once again, I was out to search for a better way for you guys to enjoy your spare time while earning some passive income. During my research, I came across a coin pusher game that claims to reward you for just pushing some coins ahead to get rewards like PayPal vouchers or some virtual dollars. I was somewhat doubtful after reading that an app exists out there to pay you for some random spinning and scratching. Well, I went ahead and tried to reveal the truth. The app name is Lucky Chip Spin, and it is available on the play store. Guys, I have mentioned all the details about the app in this article. So without further words, go ahead and find out about it down below.

Disclaimer: I believe I have mentioned the real information of the mentioned app after my through research. The rewards and tasks are subjects to have changes after updates. The reviews I have used here are true to themselves, my intentions are no violation and no promotion.

DeveloperSlot Game developer
Downloads1,000,000+ downloads
Payout processing time1-7 Business Days
Payout optionsPayPal or Cash app and token
Minimum withdrawalPaypal and cash app – $300

Token – $500
Founded Year2/19/2019
Support[email protected]
Official siteN/A
Social Facebook

What is Lucky Chip Spin App?

Well, Lucky Chip Spin App is an android app that tends to pay you for just some rolling or scratching. This would seem to be an addictive game. Excuse me! But what? Yes, Guys- Lucky Chip Spin App is such a kind where we don’t need strategy but only luck. It happens luck by chance and boom you won a 10$ papal voucher…. Wait that’s not gonna happen this early. Let’s continue….

Lucky Chip Spin app have description – “When a coin is dropped in, it falls onto the platform. Try to drop the coins carefully so that they can push the other medals and prizes off of the edge. Timing in dropping the coin is the key in Lucky Chip Spin!”

Such a vain description 🙁

Lucky Chip Spin Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected for registration: No registration required
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Privacy policy: Not available
  • Terms And Conditions: Not available
  • Data encryption: Yes

Lucky Chip Spin requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 17 years or older.
  • Supported Countries: Worldwide
  • Skill requirements: No special skills required

How Does Lucky Chip Spin Work?

They have made a platform that has some lucky spinning or throwing virtual chips in the machine that have cool rewards mentioned…If by chance you are the lucky one, you get some reasonable rewards.

Not sure about rewards but they have PayPal or gold bars hanging on your play screen. Some vouchers are also hanging in the same way.

They have continuously ads running in some corner of your screen and that’s their way of making money.

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Is Lucky Chip Spin Safe?

Its safeness can easily be depicted due to its presence on Play store. But but but…. Wait a sec, If you seriously check their description then they seems to be deceiver. No mention of rewards or pay out points, nothing mention of game rules of procedure, no signing up details ….it’s all blank.

Lucky Chip Spin App Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to play interface


  • No official website.
  • There are no privacy policies or terms and conditions pages.
  • Lots of Ads.

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How to Make Money with Lucky Chip Spin?

After you read this you might be ready to find me and beat me to a pulp …lol hahaha. But Guys, this is a fake app, I mean the rewards you have collected till the end have no reality- I mean you can’t covert them to real money or cash out it.

Totally absurd right. Well it’s an addictive stimulation game that has a great impact on your dopamine. You can get easily addicted to it.

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Reviews of some Lucky Chip Spin App users

Negative reviews of some Lucky Chip Spin App users

Nidhi walia 2/5

It is highly unlikely that the Lucky Spin game pays. You shouldn’t expect to make any money or receive any kind of reward from the Lucky Spin game.

Neil patel 1/5

Lucky Chip Spin is a scam. My 7 rewards are pending for the last 2 months. I wasted my time by playing Lucky Chip Spin games and watching countless ads.

Adish natekar 1/5

The Lucky Chip Spin App is fake. Don’t waste your time in search of “free money.” My Lucky Chip Spin App rewards have been pending for the past month.

Vikram kamath 1/5

I have cashed out 6 times and haven’t received anything.

Positive reviews of some Lucky Chip Spin App users

Charan Kotian 4/5

I’ve been playing for about a month and have already made a $6 profit.

Ansri kamu 4/5

My friend got paid five dollars. He was one of the early users of the app.

Bharati kumari paliwal 4/5

The Lucky Chip Spin App is a fantastic game app. I play the Lucky Chip Spin App for fun rather than for money.


I ask for the apology but it was all… Lucky Chip Spin app is really a fake deal… no real rewards, no real cash out at all. Totally waste of time. They are just earning themselves by showing ads in the app but they are not willing to pay you for that. It’s a time consuming game that is addictive to human nature and can ruin your time and mood both at the same time. They have maintained a real identity by adjusting their description and app build to stay on Play store but at the end it’s a shitty app. Don’t trust your refers for such kind of fake deals. I hope you understand my point.

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