Clickasnap Reviews | Is Clickasnap legit? Can You Earn Real Money From It?

Do you love taking pictures? Or are you a photographer who is looking to sell their work and earn some cash. Well today we are going to coverup a website that works similar to Adobe stocks and some other professional sites which provide you a platform to sell your work… but only sell right!!

Today we are gonna take a peek on Clickasnap website where you not only get the option to sell your work but also you can earn with some views on it…. But wait there’s a catch to it… before that extra earned amount fills your pocket. Make sure you read the conclusion part.

ClickASnap Overview

FounderTom Oswald
SocialFacebook Twitter 
Youtube | Linkedin
Release date2016
Payout methodPayPal
Minimum withdrawal $15
Payout processing time Within 24 hours
Company TypeFor Profit
Fax+353 57 868 4757
AddressBournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Earning Application Rating 3.5/5
Trustpilot Rating 4.2/5

What is Clickasnap?

Clickasnap is a platform where you can upload your clicked snaps or more frequently pics that are amusing to earn some passive income. Clickasnap is a website where you share your ckicked images and you get money according to audience views. Clickasnap has a subscription system which is a must before your pics start earning for you.

In this article I have defined all the points after you have opted for paid subscription. No pics will get uploaded until and unless you register yourself with a paid subscription.

Clickasnap requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 13 years or older.
  • Available countries: Globally
  • Skill requirements: Photography

How does Clickasnap work?

Step 1. Includes signing up by selecting a subscription from the available ones.

Step 2. Sync your paypal account with your Clickasnap account.

Step 3. Start uploading you amusing and beautiful pics on the platform.

Step 4. After getting a successful view of 5 seconds from the audience, you get paid.

Step 5. Minimum payout withdraw is set to 15$, you can withdraw after reaching the same.

Step 6. You can also sell your pics and get more cents.

Clickasnap Safety Overview

Personal data collected:  Name, birthday, gender, location and other such information

SSL certificate: Yes

Data sharing with third-party: Yes

Privacy policy: Read Here

Terms And Conditions: Read here

Data encryption: No

How do you get paid in Clickasnap?

Clickasnap only have a single channel for payout and that is Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account then be sure to opt for one before registering yourself on Clickasnap. If future they might bring other various channels.

How much money can you make with Clickasnap?

Clickasnap has a very irritating rule and that is, you must have 5 sec view on every uploaded pics from audience to make it count for earning roughly 0.007$. This rule makes it hard for every user since audience out there don’t seem to spend more than 3 sec on every pics except rare pics. So, making more money depends on how rare your snaps are. If you have great skills then I do appreciate that, since you are going to get more of it.

Also Clickasnap support a different channel to earn and that is by selling your pics on its marketplace. The audience out there would taste your pics and will buy it if they like it.

Is Clickasnap legit?

Definitely it is, Guys Clickasnap is a total legal site running worldwide and have a pretty good no. of users. Well, they are supporting your talent and skills in photography at last.

Clickasnap Pros and cons


  • A good way to test your skills in photography.
  • User interface is simple
  • Available Globally
  • Payout on time


  • Paid subscription is compulsory before you start earning
  • Low rewards
  • $15 is the minimum required amount for withdraw

Is ClickASnap trustworthy?

Yes they are. Since they are just acting as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. They sell your uploads and pay you the amount after cutting some charges or commission.

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Reviews of Some Clickasnap Users

Positive reviews of Some Clickasnap Users

Arpna negi 4/5

Clickasnap is a legitimate company. For uploading photos, Clickasnap is a better alternative to Instagram. I enjoy uploading photos, earning money for them, and looking at the photos of other users.

Heera Devi 5/5

I was a little unsure of Clickasnap at first. But I was wrong. It’s legitimate. In the last year, I’ve made a lot of money. it does pay out more than simply uploading your photos to Instagram.

Durga renu 5/5
I was confused about Clickasnap’s trustworthiness initially. I joined Clickasnap after getting some advice from a friend, and I’ve already received 10 payments without any problems. Clickasnap is an excellent website.

Negative reviews of some Clickasnap Users

Ali Alu 1/5

I’m a freelance photographer. I subscribed to the pro-seller monthly account and uploaded 10 of my best photos from the previous 10 years. When I uploaded the photos, I got a lot of views and likes, but then suddenly it stopped getting views. This same thing happened with many of my friends. The site is spam.

Nagina Raju 1/5

Terrible customer service. Customer service was a disaster. They are only interested in your money and will make false promises in order to get it. Zero customer service.

Rnjit Shetty 2/5

I’m a freelance photographer. The pay per view on clickasnap is very low; do not waste your time on this website.

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Clickasnap does have a decent working system but the part where you have to pay before you get the opportunity to earn is hard to digest, since there are very few out there who gets attracted to such type of business. Also Clickasnap has a very low rewarding system so its better if you don’t depend totally on it. Use other platforms as well to sell your work. One more thing I didn’t like was that 5 second view rule.. really wtf 😬 that does make it real hard to earn that 0.007$.

I am going to reveal and bring you more new ways to earn by sitting on your couch. So be attentive to my articles guys.. thank you

Some FAQs—

Who can join Clickasnap?

Everyone out there on this planet can become a user since they are present worldwide. Just sign up using a paid subscription.

How do you get paid?

By paypal channel, Clickasnap pays you.

Is ClickASnap free?

No, since there is no advantage of it. You are not gonna earn until and unless you become a pro user, after taking a subscription.

Is ClickASnap available in India?

Yes it is. Not only India but almost every country out there.

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