Rozdhan App Review | Is Rozdhan App legit? Can You Earn 1 Million from it?

Wanna earn some real cash ….. Well you can. We are here again and this time we have focused on a much rated application on the Play Store named as “Rozdhan Earning App”.

Rozdhan Earning App has been rated 4.2 (on the time of writing this article). With such a good rating it should we considered for a trial … Don’t you agree.

DisclaimerI believe I have mentioned the real information of the mentioned application after my through research. The rewards and tasks are subjects to have changes after updates. The reviews I have used here are true to themselves, my intentions are no violation and no promotion.

All logos are the property of their respective owners and are used here for discussion purposes only, and we offer to remove any logo if the owner contacts us.

Roz Dhan app overview

  • Founder: Yogeshwar rajput
  • Founded: 2018-08-04
  • Headquarters address: GiantView Pvt Ltd Teerth Techno-space, 601 & 602, behind Mercedes showroom, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045
  • Users: Over 2.5crore users
  • Daily withdrawal limit: 5
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: ₹200
  • Payout method: Paytm
  • Ways to earn coins and money from Rozdhan App: Daily Check in, Reading News , Playing games, Walking Task, Puzzle Task and much more.
  • RozDhan coin value: 250 coins = ₹1
  • Refer Earn: ₹12
  • Payment Processing Time: 2-5 working days
  • Signup bonus: ₹50
  • Language: MalayalamHindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil
  • Socials: Twitter Facebook Instagram
  • Contact:  [email protected]
  • Website:
Google Play Store Rating 4.1/5 
Earning Application Rating 3/5 
MouthShut Rating 2/5

What is Roz Dhan app?

Roz Dhan app is a money earning app which lets you earn some passive income by Reading News, playing games, Walking Task, Puzzle Task and completing simple tasks.

Complete tasks: There are lots of simple money earning tasks in Roz Dhan like checking daily horoscope, solving puzzle, completing surveys, playing games, etc. You can earn some passive income by spending a few minutes per day on the Roz dhan Earning app. Complete “Instant Cash Tasks” and withdraw money immediately to your Paytm account.

Play games: While the other game apps charge you to play games, Roz Dhan allows you to play fun games for free, while earning some passive income, i.e. money-earning games. It’s a good alternative to banned apps and provides a vast selection of free money-earning games.

Survey and simple tasks: Complete simple tasks and survey questionnaires and earn money daily.

Daily Horoscope: Check what fate has in store for you through our daily horoscope and earn money while doing it.

Read News: Be updated on the latest happenings in the world and earn money while doing so.

Walk and Earn: Daily earn money by walking besides playing games. Walk, Count your steps, and convert your steps to money. You can burn calories and at the same time you can get cash rewards

Visit Popular Sites: Through Roz Dhan, you not only Win Real Wallet Cash but also access popular sites related to Game, Jobs, Shopping, and many more. With Roz Dhan Money Earning App you can find everything you want in life.

Rozdhan App requirements for joining

  • Device requirements: Android
  • Age requirement: User must be at least 18 years old
  • Country: User must be Indian Resident

Rozdhan App Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected: Name, Email address, Phone number, Date of Birth, Education and other similar information
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Privacy policy: Read Here
  • Data encryption: No
  • Permission Requested by Rozdhan app: Storage file system, Contacts, gallery, phone status
  • Non-personal data collected by Rozdhan App: Android model, version, and browser, resolution, IMEI, Language, network, unique mobile identifier, Mobile carriers, Cookies and other such information

Is Rozdhan App Legit or Scam?

In the starting it felt kind of suspicious that Rozdhan Application really pays. It could be, they pay some of own users to keep their app rated and look genuine. It is mentioned in the Application, you can earn cash, by playing online games, referring or by doing other activities.

First of all we must never expect to earn a lot through such applications. Since most of the applications are just some shit? Coming back ….. I liked some part of the application like playing games and getting paid for reading news articles.

How much money does you can make using Roz Dhan App?

There is no limit on earnings. I know some users who earn 20 dollars per month, and I also know some users who hardly earn 5 dollars per month. Sign up for some signing up rewards (55 Rs) and earn extra money by inviting friends, reading and sharing news.

Apart from this, you can also earn money by playing games daily. You can earn Free Paytm Cash daily from this app.

How to Earn money from Rozdhan App?

  • Download RozDhan app (Earn Rs. 55 for joining)
  • Select your preferred language
  • Verify your mobile number
  • Enter Invite code to earn instant Rs. 25
  • Complete Profile & Read FAQ to more points
  • Now start earning by reading news, sharing articles, playing games & inviting friends

Is Rozdhan app legal?

Well one thing to note is the listing of this application in the Google Play Store. Google Play Store has some real deal policy that analyzes any application with their TOS before listing it in store. It directly states that this app follows and wins all those conditions to be in Play Store.

Ways to Earn from Rozdhan App

This app lets you Earn Wallet Cash by:-

  • Reading News
  • Daily check in
  • Playing games
  • Walking Task
  •  Puzzle
  • Completing simple tasks and much more.

Coin values in Rozdhan App

250 Coins = 1 Rupee

500 Coins = 2 Rupee

750 Coins = 3 Rupee

1000 Coins = 4 Rupee

1250 Coins = 5 Rupee

1500 Coins = 6 Rupee

1750 Coins = 7 Rupee

2000 Coins = 8 Rupee

And So on.

Rozdhan App Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Excellent Newsfeed
  • Referral Program
  • Sign up bonus


  • High minimum payout threshold
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to use this app.
  • Irritating Push Notifications
  • The Rozdhan app demands a lot of permission on the phone.
  • Mixed user reviews

What is Rozdhan app minimum redeem amount?

The minimum amount you can redeem is 300 (at the time of writing this article).

How to Withdraw your money or winning from Rozdhan?

Roz Dhan is one of the most trusted Indian app on the Android play store and has been used by more than 25 million users till date. You can withdraw money to Paytm account after your first 2 days on the app or withdraw money immediately after completing “Instant Cash Tasks” and after reaching ₹300 in your RozDhan wallet you can easily withdraw it.

Reviews of Some Clickasnap Users

Positive reviews of Some Clickasnap Users

Teena Patel 4/5

I earned 200 rupees from this app.You can also use this app to earn money every day, just as I do. You can also make money.

Raina Ahmed 5/5

This app is genuine, but you should not expect to earn a lot of money through Rozdhan App.

Naman Banya 4/5

Rozdhan is one of the best app to earn money online. I earned more than 10,000 by referring people to the Rozdhan app.

Pinku Chanda 5/5

This app is really good for students to earn pocket money. I have been using Rozdhan for more than a year. I made 3 payments, and all my payments were received.

Negative reviews of Some Clickasnap Users

Salman Khan 1/5

This app is fake. Don’t waste your time and data. They don’t pay you at all.

Neha 1/5

The minimum withdrawal of the Rozdhan app is 300 rupees, and it takes at least four months to earn this much, plus it will take two weeks to pay.

Deepak Kumar 2/5

I have used the Rozdhan app for 3 months. It’s very difficult to reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Riya thapar 1/5

The Rozdhan app rewards fewer coins or money for playing games. Due to this, it is difficult to reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

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According to me there are no such earning apps by which you can earn a good wealth. These apps are just for some passive income. If you are expecting a lot, then I would ask for apology since this app is not suitable for that.

I hope you liked this article of ours. If you like our article or you have any questions or answers, then you can comment in the comment box below. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roz Dhan invite code?

You can use invite code 0B54ZC

What is the value of 1 coin in Rozdhan?

250 Rozdha app coins is equal to 1 rupee

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