Rojana earn 7 app Review | Is Rojana earn 7 app legit? Can You Earn Real Money From It?

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Today I have written about Rojana Earn 7 app. This app is easy to use like some other earning apps. Rojana Earn 7 app pays you for completing tasks. Rojana Earn 7 app is pretty simple to understand its functionality. I have mentioned all related stuff down below guys.

Note: Rojana Earn 7 app is not available on play store but available on their official site. Size of the app is 19 mb.

How to earn money from Rojana earn 7 app?

Well, Rojana earn 7 app is not that different from other earnings apps I have shared in my previous articles. All there is to do are simple tasks. There are a different number of tasks, like installing third party apps, daily bonus or some similar tasks offered by a number of apps out there. After spending half an hour on this app, I can coax you that you can easily do 10 tasks.

How to download Rojana Earn 7 App?

Rojana Earn 7 app is not available on play store but Rojana Earn 7 app is available on 3rd party website. Before installing apk disable block 3rd party apps on android setting.

How to withdraw money from Rojana earn 7 App?

Withdrawing money from Rojana earn 7 App is not that hard

Steps to withdraw money from Rojana earn 7 App:

  1. Login the Rojana earn 7 App with the phone number.
  2. Connect Rojana earn 7 App with paytm.
  3. Be sure to have a paytm account since this Rojana earn 7 App only supports one way to withdraw.

There is a threshold credit limit…..It means you need to have some required limit on money, only after reaching threshold limit you can withdraw your earned amount.

Is Rojana earn 7 app safe?

Safety comes from trust, whether you believe or not but if any earning app is paying you handsomely, you won’t be doubting it. Just like that, Rojana earn 7 app has been banned from play store so you must lookout for its existence, While using I didn’t notice any kind of breach of privacy since only your phone no. is enough for logging this app.

My review for Rojana Earn 7 app?

Since Rojana Earn 7 app is not available on app store, I am not sure about its review. It might be benefitting for some while not for others. Best solution would be your own mindset after using it.

About my review, I faced some issue for the crediting of some amount after I installed third party app. I didn’t faced any issue with withdraw feature.

Rojana Earn 7 app Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Paytm payout available
  • App size is small


  • Not sure about safeness
  • Sometimes app crashes
  • Not available on Google Play Store
  • Mixed user reviews

Reviews of some Rojana Earn 7 app users

Negative Reviews of some Rojana Earn 7 app users

Abhinav deep 1/5

It’s a scam. I never received the coins for the work I finished 30 days ago. I created a ticket for the problem. No one is responding, and the problem is not being resolved.

Bhimji Nair 2/5

It does not give me the coins in the app task section. Even after waiting for a 3 months, I have not received any coins.

 Positive Reviews of some Rojana Earn 7 app users

Rickson noori 4/5

This is legitimate. I withdrew $2 and received payment the next day. However, withdrawing money takes a large number of coins.

Diwakar Sharma 5/5

I loved this. I have been using it for nearly a 2 years. This app is legitimate.

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Rojana Earn 7 apps is decent with usage, tasks are simple while payout is also petty acceptable. While using it, there was no hardships involved, not much irritation. The best value can be understood after using it yourself.

FAQ’s on Rojana Earn 7 app review:

Q: Is Rojana Earn 7 app real ?

Yes, It is real as mentioned above and it gives real money.

Q: How much I can earn from Rojana Earn 7 app?

This totally depends on you. The more you use the app the more you will earn. You can use some free time of yours to earn some passive income.

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