Optimity App Review | Is Optimity App legit? Can You Earn 1 Million from it?

We have travelled a long way in the search of real paying apps out there. Well Sometimes it was playing games and earn, completing small tasks or surveys, watching videos or making short videos, walking-exercising (working out) and much more, But this time I am going to share information about optimity app which is trusted by its users and popular for its original idea.

Disclaimer: I believe I have mentioned the real information of the mentioned application after my through research. The rewards and tasks are subjects to have changes after updates. The reviews I have used here are true to themselves (Mentioned on the official site), my intentions are no violation and no promotion.

Optimity Overview

  • Legal Name – OPTIMITY Inc
  • App Name – Optimity
  • Released on – 22-Apr-2015
  • Headquarters – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Downloads – 100,000+ downloads
  • Founders – Jane Wang, Kim Liu, Nicholas Raditsis, Stephan Massin
  • Company Contact Email – [email protected]
  • Website – https://www.myoptimity.com/
Apple App Store Rating 4.5/5
Capterra Rating 4/5
Google Playstore Rating 3.9/5

What is Optimity app?

Optimity is a Health rewarding App out there. An Ideal app that looks and motivates you for your wellness.

Yup, Optimity app is dedicated to those people who love their health. This app not only helps with your physical, but your mental health as well. This has an attractive, rewarding scheme that boosts your motivation to stay fit. Isn’t it an Amazing app guys. On one side you are getting fit mentally and physically and on the other you are getting rewarded for the same.

App size – Android (58MB), iOS(125MB)

Platform – Android and IOS

How does Optimity make money for you?

Optimity app has partnered with many popular consumer loyalty brands, that enables points (Gems) earned in its enterprise and consumer apps to be redeemed towards many rewards related to grocery, travel, and lifestyle. Optimity app has special attractive monthly rewards as well. They have always working on rewards and will be in future. You can expect more in near future.

Is Optimity Legit or Scam?

Yes, Optimity is a legit app that has successfully made millions of users with a rating of 4/5. Rewards are real, Challenges are real, and their idea of wellness is a great deal too.

How does Optimity app work?

Optimity App is a user-friendly application that is what we always look for. Well In terms of user interface, this Optimity app has scored a very decent performance.

By using Optimity app, you can get the below mentioned features:– 

  • Track your steps
  • Get health related tips
  • Get nutrition related facts
  • Contains many workout activities
  • Mental health assistance
  • Learn about Financial wellness.
  • Has Challenge feature

Optimity app supports fitbit, apple watch, and other wearable’s to track your health status and assist you for the same. The challenging feature is great, since a man’s true potential can only be observed in a competition. You can add your family members or friends from anywhere in the world and compete with them.

How to redeem Optimity points?

Optimity app has different sections for redeeming rewards. First of all you get points for every activity associated with the app. These collected points can be redeemed for various rewards, vouchers and discounted items.

When you have enough points (gems) to redeem a reward, that reward will be unlocked in the reward section. If you want to redeem it, tap the reward and then tap the “redeem” button. You’ll receive confirmation of your reward redemption via email.

Optimity Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use, and offers great functionality
  • Good connectivity option
  • New rewards every month
  • Simple user interface


  • Pop-up notifications is a bit excessive
  • Sometimes rewards are not worthy
  • Lag issue

Is the Optimity app worth it?

Why not, this app helps you with your daily health fitness routine, mental health and financial tips.

You are getting fit while earning rewards of your liking. In my opinion this app is great for every guy out there who loves working out there body.

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Reviews of Some Optimity App Users

Positive Reviews of Some Optimity App Users

Steve Smith  4/5 Stars

The Optimity app is fantastic. The promise of earning rewards for walking attracted me to this app… I like how the Optimity app point system works.

Ravi Rathore   5/5 Stars

I had problems getting my email validation. I sent a message to customer service, and they answered within an hour and solved the issue.

Nisha Nair  4/5 Stars 

The Optimity app is simple to use, and it’s fun to compete with a friend. Some of the photos and descriptions for the exercises do not match, which sometimes causes confusion.

Negative Reviews of Some Optimity App Users

Ravi shetty 2/5

I attempted to redeem for gift cards, but it has been 5 weeks and none of the five gift cards are available.

Neil lobo 2/5

While uploading photos, Optimity app often crashes.

Daniel dcosta 1/5

Customer service of Optimity is terrible. Optimity sometimes takes months to process gift cards.


Overall if you are one of fitness lover and seeking some challenge while enjoying the fitness activities, then this Optimity app is a gem for you.
Those users who only go fo the reward section and are looking for some special vouchers and all, might get disappointed since there are rewards but some are unnecessary or you might not have access to some due to different regions.

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