Jaa lifestyle Review | Jaa lifestyle real or fake? Can You Earn 1 Million from it?

This time you guys might think why I have wrote an article that includes mainly negativity and rebukes of a below mentioned company named as Jaa Lifestyle. Well guys, I had to warn you about this company. They have a business plan that benefits us, but they also have some annoying points.

You must all have seen some application and sites that pays you for watching advertisement. Jaa Lifestyle is just similar to one of them. They also have a subscription scheme. I have mentioned most of the needfulness down below. Also make sure to read the conclusion before signing up for Jaa Lifestyle.

DisclaimerI have no such intention to harm any of the Jaa Lifestyle users, I have wrote this article purely based on my experience and the research I have done regarding It. 

All logos are the property of their respective owners and are used here for discussion purposes only, and we offer to remove any logo if the owner contacts us.

Jaa lifestyle company overview

  • Founder:- Mr. Shain Hymon (unverified)
  • Website:- jaalifestyle.com
  • Founded:- 2019
  • Competitors:- Earthandsealifestyle.com, Quintessentially, Aspire Lifestyles
  • Contact:- [email protected]
  • Registration number:- 12752286
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: €100
  • KYC verification charge: 20 Euros
  • Payout option: Bank transfer
  • Social media:- Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Instagram |
  • Headquarter:- One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, United Kingdom

What is Jaa lifestyle?

This company is a London, United Kingdom based also registered in the India from Karnataka. Jaa Lifestyle claims that it can change the lifestyle of the people and provide them an easy way to make a lot of money through their global business plan.

Jaa lifestyle real or fake?

Is  company trustworthy? This question arises in our mind most of the time, and again the fact – we are going for some passive income and earning that is not a simple deal. According to my research, I will rate 2/5 for Jaa Lifestyle. You must be thinking why so, the reason is simple, while using it I somewhat felt there was a breach of data we provide to them. This is what I felt but you guys can have a different perspective, so check it by yourself if you do believe my thesis is wrong.

Jaa lifestyle requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: 18 year or above
  • Country requirements: No Country requirements

Jaa lifestyle Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected: Name, Email address, Phone number, Date of Birth and other similar information
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Privacy policy: Read Here
  • Terms and conditions: Read here
  • Refund policy: Read here
  • Data encryption: No

Is Jaa lifestyle launched in India?

Well yes, it was registered exactly from Karnataka on 3rd December 2020 in the name Jaa lifestyle India Private Limited. Since we Indian are more into passive incomes, isn’t this a real fact : { well sorry if I offend some of you.

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Way’s to earn from Jaa Lifestyle?

I have tried listing the schemes and the ways you can be Benefited by using Jaa Lifestyle.

  • By watching Advertisement – It gives money to its users for seeing Ads. (Per Ad can get you 0.051$ i.e., approximately 4 INR).  A user can watch up to 60 ads daily and can earn up to 3.21$.
  • By Refer & Earn Scheme – Along with this, users can also make money by adding new members. By adding three new members you can earn a daily income of up to 3.25$ approx., and you can also earn money separately by seeing ads.
  • Subscription Scheme –  Beware of this Subscription Scheme guys, they have mentioned person can get some extra royalties when it comes to their paid subscriber. For becoming one of them, you have a complete a KYC with a fee of 1109 (may change in future). They will also provide you some shares of their company (Mentioned on plan section)

I don’t know I should mention this, but in many cases you all must have noticed that scheme like paid on are pain in the ass, Since 80% of the public look for a source of income where they don’t have to invest. Alike, This paid scheme of the Jaa Lifestyle might not be for everyone.

Jaa Lifestyle Pros and Cons


  • After joining the company, you’ll be given €50 worth of future shares
  • Affiliate business model
  • After joining the company, you’ll be given € 20 worth JAA Cryptocoin for free
  • Available Worldwide
  • MCA has also registered the company in Bangalore, India (Ministry of Corporate Affair)


  • lack of Information about the company’s owner.
  • there isn’t enough verified information about the company.
  • To become a member, you have to pay an activation fee.
  • A lot of negative feedback

How do I sign up for Jaa Lifestyle?

Visit www.jaalifestyle.com and click on the ‘Sign Up’ option on the landing page.

Enter your details (username, telephone number, email id, country, date of birth etc.)

Enter the referral Code (if you want)
Click on the ‘Sign Up’.
Get over with verification and all (OTP based)

Reviews of Some Jaa Lifestyle Users

Positive reviews of Some Jaa Lifestyle Users

Lakshay chaudry 4/5
The Jaa Lifestyle is genuine. To understand this company, you must first understand today’s digital market and how it operates. For the past two years, I’ve been making money with this company.
Harichand das 4/5
Jaa Lifestyle is genuine company with a clear mission and vision.

Negative reviews of Some Jaa Lifestyle Users

Saurav joshi 2/5
I signed up Jaa Lifestyle after a recommendation from a friend, but I’m unable to see my earnings for work I’ve completed in my account. It appears to be a fraud in my opinion.
Donald Dcosta 1/5
My friend signed up for it and ended up losing money.
Suman 1/5
I did some research on Google and discovered that it is a scam. Do not fall for this scam.


Well guys overall with my perspective I have pointed out some flaws
  • Payout of watching one advertisement is decent but limitation to 60 per day is little bit annoying.
  • Subscription Scheme that has some fee of joining is way too costly.
  • It seems to be a scam sometimes since they have less information on their official site.
  • I saw so many warnings and complaints of it during my research.

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