Inboxdollars Review | Is Inboxdollars legit? Can You Earn Real Money From It

Today we are going to review a well-established platform ‘Inboxdollars’. It’s quite convenient when you can earn easily from any-where in the world without investing and just using your spare time.

We are going to hit all the required points to clarify whether this platform is worth it out not.

Inboxdollars overview

Trust Pilot Rating: 4.1/5

Earning Application Rating: 3/5

Google Play Store Rating: 4.2/5

Site Jabber Rating: 3.8/5

What is Inboxdollars?

A platform that connects brands with direct consumers is what Inboxdollars is all about. Inboxdollars was found in 2000 and by then it has made a wonderful progress.

Inboxdollars has a variety of task to follow and earn. You can spend your free time using Inboxdollars and earn some bucks as a treat for you.

What tasks does Inboxdollars provides?

There are a bunch of things to do with Inboxdollars like;-

  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Using search engine
  • Taking surveys
  • Cash offers
  • Reading emails

These all tasks pays you –

Inboxdollars Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected: Name, Email address, Phone number and other similar information
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Privacy policy: Read Here
  • Terms And Conditions: Read here
  • Data encryption: No

Inboxdollars requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 years or older to register.
  • Country requirements: Must be resident of United States
  • Skill requirements: No special skills required

Is Inboxdollars legit?

Yes, Inboxdollars is 100% genuine and legit. It was founded in 2000 and since then it has been showing its worth. I didn’t find any abusive statement while research as well, which is enough to conclude Inboxdollars is legit.

Ways to earn on Inboxdollars?

Earn by watching Video

It’s a simple and handy method. You just require to use the Inboxdollars platform while watching the videos and you are going to be rewarded with few bucks for the same.

Playing Games

Inboxdollars provides you with some HTTP platform games that you can play and enjoy in case you have been bored and want some lightment to your mood. While playing you are going to receive some irritating rewards and that’s what are going to make you some bucks.

Using search engine

Inboxdollars search engine might not be favorable while browsing but most of the time you are going to get what you are searching for. But against Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck go… and some various great search engine Inboxdollars’s search engine is going to be a disappointment. Well we can’t compare it seriously since Inboxdollars is gonna make you some bucks while others can’t.

Taking Surveys

Again an easy and handy method. Just like some other paid surveys sites, Inboxdollars also partnerships with many researching companies that are looking for feedbacks and all and these feedbacks are going to make you some bucks in the same manner.

Completing Tasks

This was something new and promising way, well you can earn more when you complete some tasks like content discovery, trying some recommended applications, some jobs and much more.

Paid-mails reading

Least but not the last, this method requires you to read some Paid mails. You don’t need to be honest while reading every single word of the mail.. but make sure to open the tab of mails for a good time. So that it seems like you have read the whole thing.

How do I withdraw money from Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars supports 3 ways to withdraw your earnings- First: using paypal, Second: buying amazon gift card and the last: a prepaid visa. Since Inboxdollars offers such ease ways, there is a shortcoming to it, for your first withdraw you require minimum 15$ payment, but after that become eligible to withdraw minimum 10$.

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Is Inboxdollars worth it?

As I have mentioned this in many of the articles that, you aren’t going to become rich using these ways to earn, it’s just a good way to earn some extra bucks on the go when you are free.

Using Inboxdollars, if you just use your spare time – you can easily make 50$ to 60$ in a whole month and not more than that unless you are devoting more of your time in it.

Inboxdollars rather provides you a way too options on its platform to ease your earnings and if we consider some good alternatives of it then I would love to lighten you that Inboxdollars will be much more productive to you.

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Inboxdollars Pros and Cons

  • Many interesting ways to earn money
  • Reasonable earnings
  • Simple user-interface
  •  Minimum withdrawal is $15
  • Lot of earning is not a deal (only for passive earning)

Some alternative of inboxdollars

  • Swagbucks.
  • LifePoints
  • MyPoints
  • Opinion Outpost.
  • Pinecone Research.
  • Panda Research.
  • Toluna.
  • Survey Junkie

Reviews of some inboxdollars users

Positive reviews of some inboxdollars users

Alex thee 5/5

Inboxdollars is a legit website. I got my digital Visa card in three days.

Ravi Rathore 5/5

The Inboxdollars is excellent. I’ve already made over $100 by playing games and completing surveys.

Steven Gerrard 4/5

Inboxdollars is great website. Using Inboxdollars, you can earn pocket money. Not a way to become rich.

Negative reviews of some inboxdollars users

Join john 1/5

InboxDollars is a scam. InboxDollars terminated my account. I had 12 dollars in my account.

Riya tiwari 1/5

Only US citizens are paid out through this InboxDollar. If so, why does InboxDollars allow citizens of India and other nations to join and work? I registered on this site and worked for five months. And when I asked for a payout, they made no payment to me. After talking with customer support, I came to know that InboxDollar only makes payments to US users. They never pay or compensate Indians.

Stella McCartney 1/5

It took me more than 6 months to reach the minimum threshold, but at the time of payment, they terminated my account without any notice.


Inboxdollars is a trusty platform to earn money but if we compare the earning with the energy and time then it is not that much of a pleasing deal. You should look for other ways in my opinion.

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