Healthywage Review | Is Healthywage legit? Get Paid Up to $20,000 to Lose Weight

Just the other day I was roaming on the internet and suddenly I got amazed by a never before heard offer- “Get paid up to 10,000$ to lose weight”.

Well the first question – why anyone is willing to pay you for maintaining your own health?

The answer for the above question is not simple- it can favor you while at the same time it seems pretty shady type.

Healthywage is an app where you bet for losing weight and win the bet with your hard determination. For the same, they award you with handsome prize worth of up to 10,000$.

We are going to follow up all the points regarding Healthywage and gonna check whether it is legit or just another scam.

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Healthywage Overview

 Google Play Store Rating: 4.5/5 
Apple App Store Rating: 4.8/5 
Earning Application Rating: 3/5

What is Healthywage?

Healthywage is a trusted company aiming to maintain a well awareness of fitness and health related issue. They have used an incentive as a prize to lure those who are in pain with their unwanted fat and weight and are willing to lose it for wellness. They have developed an application which uses your betting money to make your determined for workout in losing weight. This creates a fear in people to make out for the same of just lose the betted amount.

Also if you win with your bet, you are going to be awarded in real money with your betted money. I have described down the whole tree to make your understand the whole gig.

Healthywage safety Overview

  • Personal data collected for signup: Email address and password
  • Personal data collected for joining challenge: your name, date of birth, country, gender, weight and height
  • Additional information: Your logs for food, weight, sleep, water, etc.
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Privacy policy: Read Here
  • Terms And Conditions: Read here
  • Data encryption: Yes

Healthywage requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 18 years or older to register.
  • Country requirements: Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United States, European Union, Latin America, most of non-EU Europe and Asia
  • Skill requirements: No special skills required
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to join the challenge.
  • A person joining HealthyWage should be medically fit
  • Consult your doctor before starting HealthyWage challenges.

How to start a healthyWage challenge?

They have some easy steps to follow and you are ready for the bet:

Calculate your prize

Calculating your prize means – Healthywage has a prize calculator that will show the exact amount you can win by initializing your current weight, betting amount, weight you gonna lose, time you find suitable for losing the weight (difference).

Set your goal with time

Setting your goal is kind of challenging since long time would result in poor bet which directly decreases your winning amount while short time is more about concern since you will have to do it or else your betting amount would be gone.

Make your bet

Making a bet is all about mentioning the amount or dollars you are going to pay per month, as I already have mentioned this amount will be reversed with winning amount. You can also pay this betting amount in a whole if you prefer.

Verify your details

this is one heck of issue, Healthywage provides you 3 different ways to prove your original weight – 1st you can download Healthywage app and record your real-self while weighting using a weight scale. This video is going to be verified first

Lose the weight

the hardest thing, you need to lose your weight as per your mentioning within the limited time.

Verify your results

you are required to process step 4 for providing your legit change in your weight. If you are faking it, you might get into some big problem..

Win the amount

Win the amount- you are going to receive the prize amount with the betting amount that you have paid in the starting

Is Healthywage Legit or a Scam?

Well they have longevity from 2009 and have so many trusted users all over the world. They are definitely legit and genuine.

How Healthywage pays you?

They have two means to do so-

  • By paypal
  • By paper cheque

Both the means are not instant. If you choose paypal for withdrawing, you will be asked to wait for 3-5 working days. (Note:- Paypal will be charging 3% of the total worth)

While the second – paper cheque requires around 15 days to reach your destination and another 2-3 working days when you take that to your bank.

Boosting your income with Healthywage.

For the boost, Healthywage holds 4 options for you

Jackpot challenge

It’s a challenge where you compete in a teamwork with your teams.

Step challenge

This is also a team challenge where you can connect your step counting devices and compete in team.

10,000$ Challenge

5 teams are held together for this awesome prize, the most weight losing team wins the top prize.

Refer your friend

The more the merrier. For each successful referral you earn +40$ boost to your winning.

How does Healthywage works?

This company relies on two human behavior rules.

  • Incentives
  • Lose aversion

It’s natural for humans to be greedy for the money or rewards. Well why not, since this world is all about money and status.

The second point may not be applicable to whole human community but for most out there, who the hell wants to lose their betting money.

Pros and cons of Healthywage

  • It keeps you motivated to lose weight
  • Have trusted by a no. of users
  • Available on Play Store and iOS app Store
  • Payout is legit
  • No refund policy available
  • Financial investment is required.
  • To join challenges, you must bet at least $ 100
  • Promotes online betting.

Reviews of some Healthywage users

Positive reviews of some Healthywage users

Diwakar Singh 5/5

This app is great. This application has changed my whole life. The challenge provided by the app helped me realize that anything is possible if you have faith in yourself. I dropped a 50 pound weight.

Gina freanda 4/5

I feel blessed that I came to know about this HealthyWage app. If you want to lose weight without getting demotivated, then you should definitely try this app. Invest money in your health and get healthy.

Steele John 5/5

HealthyWage is fabulous. I made a profit of $4,000 by betting that I would be 50 pounds lighter in six months, and I did it without getting demotivated! I paid $3,000 over 6 months and won $7,000.

Negative reviews of some Healthywage users

Jack Dorsey 1/5

HealthyWage doesn’t have a qualified person with whom we can talk on the phone about an issue you are facing.

Pinku Chanda 1/5

This app is very slow. It takes forever to load and the user interface is very bad. My challenge was cancelled without any notification or warning. When I asked for a refund, they refused to pay.

 Daniel 2/5

This app is programmed to make you lose money. I have successfully completed my challenge. But my reward has expired because I forgot to redeem my reward on time. They didn’t send any notification regarding the withdrawal of money.

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Overall Healthywage is a green signal, they are trustful and genuine. You are betting for your own improvement which is enough to understand. You are going to win some hefty amount while also losing some bad fat which has been a pain in your ass for quite some time. I believe helathywage is providing a wonderful opportunity to youths and old ones to earn money.

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