Greenpanther Review | Is Greenpanther legit? Can you really earn real money from it?

Today we are going to review “Greenpanthera”. A platform for earning through surveys. We all have been to many survey sites but not all of them are trustworthy and working. Some are dull in surveys availability or some have payout issue.

So let’s see whether Greenpanthera is one like the others or does it have some potential. I have tried my best to cover all the related points on it. But even though you have something left as a query you can ask me.

Greenpanthera overview

Founded15 January 2014
Minimum age User must be atleast 16 years old
Available countriesArgentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States
Minimum withdrawal amount$30
Payout optionPaypal
Payout processing time4-10 business days
Signup bonus$2
Referral earning10% of the income of the invited users
Ways to earn from GreenpantheraTaking Surveys, shopping, offer Wall, refer & earn and Coupons
Support[email protected]
Earning application rating 3/5
Trustpilot rating 2.1/5

What is Greenpanthera?

A website where you earn for taking up surveys. Well surveys are pretty much easy to complete and it doesn’t require too much time as well. Greenpanthera is a popular platform that provides direct surveys via emails, you don’t need to visit the website often. Just complete the survey form your desktop or even on your phone and earn a decent sum.

Greenpanthera Safety Overview

  • Personal data collected for signup: Email, password, name, Date of birth and paypal email
  • Additional optional information: Gender, Education, Family status, Profession, Number of family members and Amount of income.
  • SSL certificate: Yes
  • Data sharing with third-party: Yes
  • Privacy policyRead Here
  • Terms And ConditionsRead here
  • Data encryption: Yes

Greenpanthera requirements for joining

  • Age requirement: Must be 16 years or older to register.
  • Country requirements: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States
  • Skill requirements: No special skills required

Ways to earn from Greenpanthera

This platform provides you with more than one way to earn. I am going to list all the method that are available on Greenpanthera so that it becomes easy for you guys to tally.

Taking Surveys

This is the main task for which Greenpanthera is known for. You are going to get every survey link on your registered mail and you can access this direct link on any browser.

Every survey is not same when it comes to time, some might be complete in 5 min or some might take 20 minutes.

Also sometimes dead links are generated, this might irritate you but no need to worry, just have patience and a good pace.


Greenpanthera also have a discounted shopping platform for all the users, they can buy their needs directly from here. You can buy clothes, Food & drinks, Home appliances, Gifts, Health related stuffs and much more.


It is something that is pretty common. Just open up this tab and you will see some recommended applications install these and try out them. It’s simple to understand but let me warn you- since Greenpanthera recommends 3rd party applications, they won’t be responsible for some kind of malicious bug or virus while downloading these applications.

You are on your Own in this case, so be alert or use a powerful antivirus to stay safe.

Refer and Earn

They also have this referral program where you can boost your earnings by sharing Green panthera to others. Ask your friends and family and surely they gonna support you.


Greenpanthera has a listing on its Dashboard where they list famous brands coupons. These are available to users for free. Well this might not be applicable for all the users due to change in regions so don’t expect much out of it.

How to Join Greenpanthera?

It’s totally same as some other survey website- Greenpanthera, just visit their official webpage and click on sign up or join now. Fill some basic details like mail, name, age etc.

No joining fee is required. Also when you sign-up you earn $2 sign up bonus.

Is Greenpanthera legit?

Yes Greenpanthera is a genuine and trusted website. Lots of users have been paid by them. They are true to their payment and you can expect good worth from them.

How much you can earn from Greenpanthera?

Most surveys on Greenpanthera offers $0.75-$1. Which is a great deal, but there’s a havoc and that is availability of these surveys. I have been to many survey website before I choose content writing and there’s only one issue with all of them.. you can’t even expect at least 10 surveys for a day.

So disappointing, but still I observed that Greenpanthera is offering much more bucks for the survey then other alternatives.

Considering all this, If you are a regular one, you can make around $50 by surveys also you can boost this earning by using other two options too to earn on Greenpanthera.

How does Greenpanthera pay you?

When it comes to payment, they pay you through a single supported channel Paypal. Which is great and easy for all of us, isn’t it?

Also, completing the survey might take 5-15 minutes but in case of payment for each single survey, it is not credited instantly, it might take around 2 days for the same. So no need to panic about it, just go on reviewing the surveys and your money will safely come to you.

You must have the minimum criteria limit set ($30) for making a withdraw request. One more thing, when you cash-out your money through paypal channel, your withdraw might take about a week to credit in your bank account. It’s not compulsory though, just some pre-information to their users.

Well if you notice closely it’s all about patience.

Greenpanthera Pros and Cons


  • $5 Joining Bonus
  • Have trusted by a no. of users
  • Supports Paypal
  • Payout is legit


  • High payout threshold
  • No financial investment is required.
  • Poor customer service

Reviews of some Greenpanthera users

Negative reviews of some Greenpanthera users

Priya kher 1/5

I withdrew 30 USD on June 15, 2022, but I still haven’t received payment even after 20 days.

George John 1/5

The Green Panthera site deactivated my account without warning, and they didn’t pay my earned money.

Huston lasarfo 1/5

Customer service is atrocious. They don’t know how to talk to their users. It took more than 1 week to get a reply from them.

Positive reviews of some Greenpanthera users

Ajo jose 4/5

One of the best sites out there. I joined GreenPanthera only a few days ago. So far I’ve earned  more than 20 dollars. One piece of advice from my side is to please improve customer support.

Blessed dais 5/5

I was a little sceptical after reading so many bad reviews about Green Panther, but I was about to reach $30, so I didn’t give up. Once I reached my threshold, I withdrew my money, and today I received my payment. It took 3 days to receive payment.

Mahima Nair 5/5
Greenpanthera is a great website to earn money. I have earned over $500 so far, with the majority of that money coming from the referral program.


I know you guys would have already tried many surveys site, and I also agree to your desires from a survey site but again it comes to income, if you are getting paid less- you won’t complain but if you are getting hefty – you are going to make some dire adjustments.

Greenpanthera is a good website for filling surveys but I won’t be boosting you guys about the earning. We all know these earning sites are not enough to make one rich, but if you play by a basic rule you can acquire more out of these sites. Let me rephrase myself… Guys just think about it –

“if I am earning through a single survey website where I work for 30 minutes daily and at the end I end up earning around $40 in 30 Days,, can’t I sign up for more. Well what about the situation where I have signed up for 10 surveys site and I use around 4 hours of daily on them- I can earn around $350-$400.”

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