Earn Money by Watching Videos | 15 Best Platforms That Pay You to Watch Videos Online

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Earning money by watching small videos has always been too easy,  but there’s a catch- there are a bunch of platform to earn money by watching videos but when it comes to payout, not all the platform can be trusted– don’t you think so.

Well then I am going to make a list of trusted platform that really pays you out. The payout might vary from platform to platform but I can assure you of a decent payout. Just watch the videos and earn while enjoying them __lets start then…

Disclaimer: I believe I have mentioned the real information of the mentioned platforms after my through research. The rewards and tasks are subjects to have changes after updates. The reviews I have used here are true to themselves, my intentions are no violation and no promotion.

Here is a list of the 15 best platforms that pay you to watch videos online

Watch Videos and Earn Money


Just signup using basic details and start watching videos, I love simplicity. Adwallet has a nice interface with lots of videos available to watch, you get upto 3.0$ for a single video and the most attractive thing is the minimum payout feature. You can collect your hard earning when you reach a minimum of 10$ in your wallet.

Minimum withdrawal – 10$

Reviews of some AdWallet users

So far it works as advertised. I’ve made a little over 2 dollars watching a few 15 to 30 second advertisements and answered one question about the advertisement afterwards. It’s a great app with great rewards. I just wish they had advertisements to offer up for viewing.

Does exactly as it says. The ads are 15-30 seconds long, they ask you one multiple choice question and you earn real money. So simple its genius. Its about time we the consumers are getting paid for our attention. Billions of dollars are spent trying to catch our attention. AdWallet cuts to the chase and puts the money in your wallet. Looking forward to seeing them expand and get more content.

I am giving 5 star because this app has great content that is informing for me also this app does pay out I am on my 4th payment,the only thing I’d like to see change is the time between notification that there is a add to watch,I waite anywhere between 2to4 weeks to get an add I think that is a bit well a long time to Waite for .50cent add it makes it way to long to cash out $10.00,this app has been running for a few years now and there should not be a problem like this.


This is just an amazing and unique platform, they have categorised videos, so you can choose the category that suffice your liking. Also there is no limit to view, you can watch videos and earn as much as you want in a single day.  They support a minimum 30$ payout, that seems to be a kind of challenge for some of us but still this platform is amazing.

Minimum withdrawal – 30$

Reviews of some Inboxdollars users

I love inbox dollars. I’ve been annoyed at times by the offers not instant, but they do go through. I’ve actually made hundreds of dollars of this site and cashed out on it. Customer support answer in a timely manner. I prefer the online link over the app. The set up is easy to understand and navigate. Earns from various offers and other apps is a bonus. Companies I never heard of, I’m able to explore and earn money. 100% recommend this company.

5 or 6 times I used their support system (seems to be a branded zendesk experience, based on the email address the notifications of responses come from) to successfully get credited for an offer that didn’t pop up automatically within the time frame indicated. Today I am 20 days and 6 messages into a support request that I’ve received ZERO response on. This is the first time this has happened, but it’s disheartening.

Inbox dollars is awesome right now and always have been. I have been a member since like 2017. Inbox dollars truly honestly honor their policies when it comes to taking care of their members. Inbox connects you with the best surveys. They also added this new one called magic receipts. Try them out and enjoy making some extra coins at your own pace and turn them into inbox dollars.


If I recall, I have written  a detailed article of Swagbucks.  It is a platform where you can solve some simple surveys and other tasks to earn some hefty amount. Other tasks includes watching videos. Swagbucks is counted in this list because they have a good no. of trusted users when it comes to payout. In Swagbucks you earn points that can be redeemed for a no. of rewards including paypal vouchers.

Minimum withdrawal –  No minimum withdrawal amount

Reviews of some Swagbucks users

Swag time at swagbucks! Please try the best deals on a survey site and all the other hidden gems that are available and updated regularly. I usually get a shopping voucher and enjoy spending mine on groceries or a little treat. Many to choose from as well as having the option to give some to a charity of your choosing. I often donate the odd few points here and there,it’s a really innovative way of supporting good causes. Well what are you waiting for,and good luck!

swagbucks has been great! today is my first day and I already have a $3 dunkin donuts gift card! you can take surveys, play games, use the swag button(which is basically honey but earns you giftcards too!) and use the swagbucks search engine which shows a few ads while you search and earns you swagbucks. 100SB=$1. i have 318SB after my first 20 minutes of using it. use my referral link to sign up and get 300SB for free! btw you can get an amazon gift card for as low as 100SB.


Kashkick users can get rewarded for not only watching short videos but also for filling surveys, playing games and many other tasks. They don’t have a dedicated page to earn trust but still they are legit out there. They works with the companies that are looking for some feedbacks for the real users. Kashkick has maintained a good reputation out in the society, so yup you must give a try to this amazing platform.

Minimum withdrawal – 10$

Reviews of some Kashkick users

Kashkick to be honest this one does what it says so do join this website as I have got paid more than 15 time’s and I have withdrew over 150$ within a month.

This is a great easy way to earn extra cash in your spare time. Quick and easy stuff. Thank kashkick.com wonderful way to make my day!!!


As the name suggests, you earn points for watching videos here. Every 1000 points is equivalent to 1$. Grabpoints has a similarity as Inboxdollars, you can watch your favourite category videos by choosing your personalised channels. They support a low threshold for payout, so it becomes easy to get hold of your earnings.

Minimum withdrawal – 3$

Reviews of some Grabpoints users

Good site to earn a moderate amount of money. Earned over $35 dollars in a few weeks time. The money was sent quickly to my pay pal account email. The earnings were primarily made from the your watching videos that they have on the site. Was not successful with some of the other offers. Overall a decent site to make a little extra money.

I have joined many reward sites over the years but quickly got bored with them as they were pretty much all the same. Grabpoints is by far the best and quickest earner for me. Recently they have increased their earning rates and lowered their cash out rate and although I normally go for Amazon Gift cards or Paypal there are many ways to cash out, far too many to mention.


It is a reward programme where you get rewarded for thale time you spend on filling surveys, paying casual games and completing various tasks including watching videos. You get to chooses 50+ channels that have ads, movies trailer, short social videos etc.

Minimum withdrawal – You need 3000 points as to get a 5$ paypal gift card

Reviews of some iRazoo users

Thank you this is a great website for making money and it has many ways to increase your points and it is also amazing if you fill out your profile you get points it is a very good site anyone can use it without looking bad

This used to be a good site that I enjoyed every day. I got several gift cards over the years and I liked to play their games. But one day my account was disabled for no reason, no explanation was given, and multiple attempts at emails went unanswered. They owe me $30 in gift cards. Now they have the nerve to send me an email to do a survey. At the bottom of the email is this: Thanks for being a valued member of iRazoo.com! I don’t think real people work there because I can’t get my account enabled no matter how many emails I write. If I could give a zero rating I would! There are better sites out there that I enjoy. Don’t waste your time with irazoo.


They have been making money by advertisement from samll upscale companies. Fusioncash shares that earned money with its users as they are the one the support them by watching their advertisements. They have a referral programme while you can earn 1$ -5$ everyday using fusioncash video watching programme.

Minimum withdrawal – 25$

Reviews of some Fusioncash users

I’ve been with FC for 6 years and have always felt they were fair, honest and trustworthy. I would strongly recommend them! Fusioncash has always paid me and has many different ways to earn. Minimum to cash out is reasonable and if I ever have a problem, they always answer my support ticket. Tried and true!!

I just joined two months ago and have already received a payout. The surveys are great and you can easily earn the required $25 to cash out by doing the daily email, paid to click, surveys, forum bonus, etc. If you abide by the terms and conditions as stated on the website you will have NO problems with Fusion Cash. I highly recommend them!


Viggle is a rewards app platform  for Android devices that allows users to earn rewards for watching TV shows and listening to music. The app has more than 7 million users. Viggle lets you earn points for watching TV shows and movies on your favorite streaming platforms and live TV just by checking in with the Viggle app.

Minimum withdrawal – Redeem e-gift cards from $1 or withdraw $5 minimum payment from PayPal

Reviews of some Viggle users

I miss the old viggle before it became perks but it’s not too bad. It seems like it takes awhile to get enough points to get a gift card especially since my fiance and I have viggled a very long time. But it’s very rewarding when we get one. Its fun to viggle shows and earn points but the games need an update. Change some of the scratch offs to different ones. The same ones that have been there since this came out are boring to me now and difficult to earn points, Other than that, well done!

This app is very easy to use to earn gift cards..the one thing that is frustrating is the citicard ads that shut the app down…that needs to be fixed.


ySense is one of the best websites where you can watch videos and earn money.

You can easily signup ySense by visiting the website  hand then start working on ySense. You will find various tasks and offers where in ySense that ask you to watch different videos  ads to earn money.

Minimum withdrawal –  PayPal is $10.00, Skrill is $5.05, Payoneer is $52.00

Reviews of some ySense users

I am very happy to cash out often with Ysense and be able to buy myself gifts I could not otherwise afford. Thank you, Ysense!! My preferred website

it is a highly recommened apps for people who enjoys to watch video to help the society.


Perk TV is a legit platform and similar to some above application where you can earn money for doing simple tasks in minutes. These simple tasks includes  watching ads, videos, and play games, search on the internet, etc. to earn paypal money, points and gift cards.

Minimum withdrawal – 0.25$ (350 Perk Points) via Amazon gift card

Reviews of some perkTV users

Perk TV is a great app that makes it so easy to get your hands on free gift cards and even cash. But Perk TV is not going to earn you a ton of money. Like most rewards programs, you’re not going to get rich from it.


This has a unique working. It utilizes your lock screen and shows you video ads. To watch the whole ad, you have to unlock your phone. Here, you can earn Carats every time you watch a video ad. 1000 Carats are equal to $1. You can watch as many ads as you can and redeem your cash via Paypal every fifteen days.

Minimum withdrawal – 15$

Reviews of some Sllidjoy users

Sllidjoy is an app which earns for you by using its advertisements or other promotional activities. I have been using it for the past two months. Though I could not make much money, may be around 802 carats in the past two months and half.

I’ve been using this app since Feb 2017. At that time, every day credit was 60 points. Nowadays, daily credits are 10 to 20 points only.


This is an all-in-one money earning app by watching videos that gives you money. Each day, you can earn 200-300 coins on CashPirate. Once you make 2500 coins, you will be able to convert it to a $2.50 card via Paypal. You can make around $2.5 each week simply.

Minimum withdrawal – $2.50 card via Paypal (2500 coins)

Reviews of some Cashpirate users

I was looking for a real app that will pay real money reliability on time and with out all the run arround that other apps give you. I looked through many apps and could not find anything. Most apps give you stuff to do but you never know if you are making any money. I came across CashPirate from an online ranking of the top 10 best pay apps out there. I plan to use CashPirate to help pay my phone bill and really like the beauty of this app.

This app is fun. Provides amazing way to spend some of your free time while earning extra money. I found this app when I tried to browse for apps that pays legit. I saw that this app has many positive reviews and many users as well. I was amazed when i tried it specially because their support answer


Another great website to earn money by watching videos where you can use your free time to watch ads, videos, take quizzes, shopping online, etc. You can sign-up easily with your Facebook account. They have giveaways as well where you can win gift cards too.

Minimum withdrawal – $4

Reviews of some Checkpoints users

I like it and trust it. This app pays paypal.im been doin this app since 2017 and i know everything bout it. Sure its slow and theres not many options to do anymore. Its a great side hussle. You wont get rich from this app.Have patience. Checkpoints rewards you.i cashout multiple times but only at $…

I wouldn’t even rate this app. The app is very glitchy. You have to keep reopening it. Always says that my receipts are invalid when they’ve never been scanned before. I tried to cash out for $5 on PayPal and it told me that my account was under review for security reasons. This app is worthless.


They have advertisements of new upcoming application. You will watch ads for thirty seconds or a few minutes and the app will give you points in return. You can convert these points into dollars via Paypal. One cent is equal to 10 points. Once you earn 1000 points, you will convert it to $1.

Minimum withdrawal – $1 (1000 points)

Reviews of some App trailers users

I used the app to earn money by watching videos, but they only give you 5-7 points per video. And after watching a single video, this app did not respond. So for that, we require you to restart this application after watching just one video.

App Trailers has been around for quite a few years, but has made some major changes recently, drastically cutting down your earnings potential.


It is a website which is slightly different from other rewarding sites. Here, people bid for prizes. You can make a group or do it yourself. People can even interact with each other via AdFun. Here you can be making money online by watching videos. You can  later use the money you earned for bidding for different prizes.

Minimum withdrawal – 25$

Reviews of some AdFun users

So when I first downloaded this app I got super excited. I let it run overnight for 8 hours on my iphone and earned 7k points ($1.16). After that first night I hardly get any ads and will only earn about 2k points per day.

I sometimes find that it takes a minute just for a new video to load. Not sure if this is due to my internet connection or to the app itself. In any case, it’s best to add some leeway when estimating earnings. Your best bet is to leave your device running for 24 hours and multiply it by 30 to see how much you can earn monthly with Adfun.

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After coming this far, you all might have now noted these amazing platform to earn money by watching videos. They all have different threshold of payout, some of them have fast withdrawal also, that is some good shit :). You all might definitely use YouTube and seriously we all know that when we get bored out of some daily routine videos .. we starts watching some random shits ..and in that sense, these platforms plays a great deed, watch those random videos and start earning.

Thanks for reading guys. Take care.

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