Top 20 apps to earn a free recharge 2022

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We all have been across many earning apps but when it comes to use that earned money than most of you guys are going to use that passive income on eating, shopping or paying utility bills. From the utility bill… most important would be recharge of your mobile data and talk time pack.

So hey guys, this article is going to consist 20 apps where you can easily earn free recharges for your operators…. You just need to figure out how… well almost every application down below has similar function.. Tasks performing, Surveys filling, Advertisements watching or reading and earning cashbacks. So let’s check them out one by one.

Earn Talktime

Just as the the name suggests you get to solve some easy task and earn the rewards. These rewards includes free recharge option that is what we are looking. You can also earn Rs50 to 130 after a successful reference.

App size: 11 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Earn Talktime users

Earn talktime app is a great one. Earn talktime is a talktime recharge app.with This help you can recharge unlimited in your mobile. I have used this app for 3 months. I am very happy with this app. With the help of this app, I have recharged ₹230 in my tata docomo sim. And the recharge was succesful. Using this app is very simple. All you have to do is install the app outlined on this app. How much money will you get if you install that app, it is written in it. This app needs to install normal apps like amazon, lybrate and uc browser. You can get money only after 2-3 minutes. After installing that app. You get another option in it too. You will have to watch two ad videos in this app in 1 day, which will see you get 50 paisa. If you share this app you can also earn ₹ 50. You will find this app on the play store. This app is 9.8 mb only.

This is the worst application ever to earn a little extra money. I was asked by a friend to join through his referral link, and I joined. After joining, I was very disappointed with the application. Its design is very bad and not user friendly at all. Its concepts were like other online money applications.

Dear friends, Today I would like share my personal experience with the wonderful application earn talktime.I downloaded it from playstore by referring one of my friend.Really this is a wonderful application.This application is a platform that provides the users many offers and recharge money.The main interface containing many installing and registering task, if we complete those tasks we will get rewarded.I got 75 rs from this application and I recharged my sim card twice.Dear friends if you can download and install applications then you can have this app and earn money for recharge.Also this application gives payouts as gift cards that can be used as purchasing option in amazon and flipkart like online stores.

Task Bucks

You can earn 25Rs per invite. Task bucks pays you for spending time on your phone, you can easily entertain yourself by sharing interesting content with your contacts. Task Bucks also offers bonus earning, you can install suggested apps to earn more. These all ways leads you to get free money to recharge your operator.

App size: 11 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Task Bucks Users

This app is good. I loved this app. This app gives real free Paytm cash. I have done more than 2 withdrawals and it only takes half an hour to withdraw money to PayTM. This app is fantastic in this regard.I am satisfied with this app as it contains limited ads.

But one thing I don’t like is that we can only reedem money once every 7 days. The reason why I am giving only a small star is because earlier I was able to withdraw the money, but now it is showing that you can withdraw the money only after 7 days of precious withdrawal. That’s a big scam for us.

Taskbucks is an application which you would find on Google or the Appstore. This app is a satisfactory source of income for those people who are doing nothing or people who have some time and want to invest their time so they can get paid for it. If you want to download this app, you have to register using your phone number. You can earn from 0 to 50 per day if you put effort into this website. You can get paid through Paytm and through mobile recharge. One of the worst things about this app is that sometimes it does not count your tasks; therefore, you do not get paid for them. Other times you get half payment.

Joy App

It provides you with Joy points when you do the tasks available on the dashboard. The tasks are simple and similar to other mentioned apps. Install apps do surveys etc. Joy app rewards you with 10Rs for every invite.

App size: 22 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Joy App Users

There were no verified reviews available.

Freecharge App

Just a simple app like Paytm, Phonepe, etc wallets. Freecharge app provides you Cashbacks for every single time you use it for payment and other buys. You also get rewards for inviting.

App size: 31 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Freecharge App Users

I have been using FreeCharge for 7-8 years, but every time I visit FreeCharge I get the feeling that it is just “awsome” as they keep people engaged with their mind-blowing offers and discounts. I personally prefer FreeCharge. It’s good. I never faced any problem, but their marketing is not that efficient.

I have been using for 3 years and it’s a really cool application. I have used it for recharging my mobile phones and Airtel Digital TV, and with each and every transaction I got 50 to 70% cashback in my freecharge account.

Poket Money App

Poket Money gives you opportunity to earn free paytm cash. It gives Rs 30 for every invitation. You can also transfer your earning to your wallets if don’t want to use your earning pn recharge.

App size: 16 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Poket Money App Users

This app is a data eater. It consumes your internet data in the background, which is not good for your budget as you have to recharge again when your internet pack finishes. Overall, I didn’t find the app useful. Therefore, I suggest you not download this app because if you do, it will consume a large amount of data in the background.

This app contains tonnes of advertisements that pop up on your screen at anytime, which makes me frustrated. They must decrease the number of advertisements.

Cash Boss

Cash apps pays you higher bonus when you install suggested application that is a task itself. Also you can earn via refer program that is almost in all the application.

App size: 7.4 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Cash Boss Users

The Cash Boss app is one of the best online earning apps. It is India’s No. 1 Free Cash App. They also give us a recharge of the money we earn. They also have a referral programme in which you earn 15 for every friend that you refer. If you have five friends who join Cashboss, we will give you a 125 recharge. Try it now!

Even after a reminder and a query, there has been no clarification on the pending payment. I downloaded an app a month ago, and the amount is still pending even after a query. I am not getting any reward after downloading the applications.

Ladoo App

It is quite similar to Freecharge since you earn cashback while paying fills and all.

App size: 1.9 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Ladoo App Users

The Ladoo app allows you to earn money by downloading apps and referring friends on social media. It is popular on YouTube and social media, so I installed it. I’ve used this app for the last 20 days and my experience is good.

If I talk about this ladoo, they are making fun of their users and treating them as slaves by taking work and giving them a lower amount of money. So it’s completely worthless to install the Ladoo app on your phone because it will ruin your phone and give you nothing.


Complete the task available on Grappr app and you can earn free talktime. You can easily & instantly recharge your Phone number.

App size: 11 MB

Available on: 3rd party website

Reviews of Some Grappr Users

The Grappr app is one of the most well known apps to earn talktime. This app is available on the playstore to download. To earn money from Grappr, it is essential to download the apps listed on Grappr and keep them open for 30 minutes. For this, they paid 1 to 2 rupees, which is very little. You can earn more by referring, but the app is not interesting enough to suggest to anyone to install this app. The app is very slow and also, they paid less. For this reason, I do not recommend anyone install this app.

I strongly recommend you don’t use this app and don’t waste your time working on it.

Fokat Money

It works quite similar to any other app. Just do this and that task and earn various rewards – Such as recharge, vouchers, heavy discounts etc. Referral program is also a good point.

App size: 19 MB

Available on: 3rd party website

Reviews of Some Fokat Money Users

There were no verified reviews available.


It was most popular among the referral program since it was ready to pay 40Rs for a single successful referral. You can also earn upto 100 per day using referral program.

App size: 4.6 MB

Available on: Google Playstore

Reviews of Some Mcent Users

MCent’s concept is simple: download apps, take surveys, watch videos, etc. and earn mobile recharge, but it gives very little amount of recharge per task done, and a good amount of recharge is given only for downloading paid apps, which is not worth it. It gives you a few videos per day and only a few apps overall, so you can’t earn a good amount of recharge.

The minimum is too high and you have to work a lot of days or months in order to reach the minimum payout. I have used that app before. It is used to recharge our mobile balance. We can earn by inviting friends, and by inviting, we get some money. It pays when I use it. Yeah, Mcent is legit, and most of their applications are very good. I am currently with Mcent Browser and have earned more than a dollar with it just by browsing my favourite websites. I have already recharged my cell phone multiple times with it.

App trails

As the name suggests, you just need to try out some recommended apps and done… you are going to get free recharges for your operators.

Note:- Not available anymore

Data Back

This one is quite interesting well…Data back can benefit you if you are a user a pack where you get unlimited talktime and daily data.. Sometimes we are unable to use the left daily data and here comes the ‘Data Back’ this app uses your data and provides you free data recharges. You can simply use that unused data to get these recharges wherever you are short on data.

App size: 20 MB

Available on: 3rd party website

Reviews of Some Data Back Users

I’ve had the databack app for a month. It is a very good app for users who use the internet daily. It refunds data to your databack account.

Databack is a free application through which you can earn free recharges of mobile talktime, data, and paytm cash every week. The best part about it is that you do not have to do any work. If you use the internet, some part of it will be refunded in the databack app. You will have to collect data. The maximum limit for every day is 44 mb and for weekly it is around 310 mb, which is awesome. For more data earnings, you can refer friends, install applications, Play a little databack game known as Spin the Wheel every two days, and the list goes on. There are lottery-based competitions every day through which you can earn lots of data and paytm cash, provided your luck is good enough. You can also play an hourly quiz to win Rs. 50 Paytm cash. The minimum amount of data required per redemption is 300 MB. They give Rs.5 per 300 MB of paytm cash and other mobile recharges accordingly. You can earn Rs. 6 by installing 1 app or Rs. 7 by installing 2 apps. That’s a total of Rs. 28 per month, which is quite impressive considering you don’t have to invest much time in the app. The payments arrive very quickly, within 1 to 30 minutes. I have redeemed Rs.100 so far. It is very reliable.Do not use two accounts on one mobile since your redemption will be cancelled. Moreover, you need to use the app on the phone that has your sim card.

Don App

Don app has an interactive interface where you read news and stories while you earn free Talktime. This app also gives Rs 15 as Sign Up Bonus.

Note:- Not available anymore

Oglas App

Oglas works as Paytm and other wallet apps where you can pay your utility bills and earn hefty sum of cashbacks. Similar to Dhani app.

App size: 28 MB

Available on: 3rd party website

Reviews of Some Oglas App Users

Oglas is based under the concept of earn per call. Its gives 0.1 rs per. Some times it does’t add the balance. Once the balace reach to 30 rs it can be redeemed. But I tried too many times to redeem it and my efforts was in vain. I was fed up. The offer are very low which gifted for apps for downloading. Too many advertisements makes your mobile slow. Sometimes unable to take calls by this app. It show some reason everytime when I made a attempt of redemption.

I found the Oglas app on an internet blog. I have been using the app for 3 months. Till now, my overall experiences have been below average.


The fastest and instant recharging app… it has various task that pays you on completion and you can use this pay for your Mobile Recharge.

App size: 23 MB

Available on: 3rd party website

Reviews of Some Amulyam Users

I am not getting referral earnings. They are cheating us. I referred many friends on Facebook, but I didn’t receive a large portion of their referral earnings. I e-mailed them, but I didn’t get a response from them. And for 3 months I have been waiting for paytm payment, but they are changing the date every month for paytm payment. This is my personal opinion of the app and website. Don’t trust it and don’t use it. They will cheat us one day.

I have been using Amulyam since the 2nd year of its initiation, and the overall experience on Amulyam is very nice to me.

Free Plus

Watch ads and some videos while Free Plus pays you. You can also install suggested apps for bonus earning.

App size: 23 MB

Available on: 3rd party website

Reviews of Some Free Plus Users

There were no verified reviews available.

My Jio app

By using Jio upi you can earn various cashbacks. Also my jio app has a tab ‘Engage’ where you can earn free jio data by solving some tasks. The data acts as an add on so you must have a previous recharged to use that data. Also it only supports Jio Sim.

App size: 46 MB

Available on: Google Play Store

Reviews of Some My Jio app Users

I have been using my jio app since 2017, it enables me to recharge my jio number and check data balance. Earlier they used to provide ₹50 cashback voucher on every recharge which could be redeemed during next recharge, which was the best offer for any customer. But, they have stopped giving such offers from last 2 years. The recent update of the app has some problem because the app stops working on its own and I get the notification that ‘ MY JIO IS NOT RESPONDING’ , I urge the developer to solve this problem as soon as possible. Apart from that, the app is good. I hope these problems with the app will be fixed soon.

I am using this app for more than a year. And have faced major problem with it. The app is really slow in loading which is really shameful as it is developed by one of the IT giants jio. Moreover switching within the accounts is really time consuming. It doesn’t matter your net speec is fast or slow but still take very long time to load the page. The app is also somewhat laggy.

Dhani App

It came with a 5% cashback offer in the Market. It still offers great deals. Dani app is just similar to freecharge and Ladoo app.

App size: 33 MB

Available on: Google Play Store

Reviews of Some Dhani App Users

I got a call from Dhani’s tele caller and he assured me that in case I place order on that day, I will get 70% discount. On the call itself, he made me place the order but only 22% discount was actually given. The tele caller asked me to send the screen shot of the order, which I did but didn’t hear from him later on. Since then, I have written to Dhani team several times, but they don’t bother to reply. This is an organized fraud being perpetrated by Dhani. Even more annoying part is that once you visit their store and sharae your mobile number with them, their telecaller will keep pestering you with unwanted calls every day, no matter what.

This is one of the bullshit app and I request people not to download or use this app or their services. Customer care people are idiots. They charge huge interest and even if you pay a little late they recover with heavy penalty and they loose their tongues and words on the customers. Someone should drag them to court and punish those people horribly. Never trust this app or their bullshit customer care people. I have posted one such snap where the customer care lost his words and where I gave left and right to him. Charging double interest and paying hearing those utter stupid words.

Cashon App

Just like other apps, this app provides you cashbacks on recharges and you can earn using referral program as well.

App size: 25 MB

Available on: 3rd party website

Reviews of Some Cashon App Users

I really would not even give this company a one point Star. The customer service is very horrible they do not know how to get back to you in a timely matter. I just would not ever suggest to use this app or this app for anyone.

Worst customer service experience ever. I would say they are like bots, but somehow they are actually WORSE than bots.

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Well just after reading you guys were definitely bored… It’s not my fault since all the apps have almost similar procedure to earn free recharge or talk time. It is just .. which fits you perfect. Some apps have good referral program while some have high bonus earning offer. In my point of view .. you should use more than one app to earn recharge since one cannot be enough for you in my accordance.

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